Migrate to Google Cloud—with confidence. Now.

Accenture helps you migrate—faster—to Google Cloud, giving you the capabilities to manage your multi-cloud environments.

Unlock the full potential of your data

Migrating to Google Cloud with Accenture gives you the flexibility and resilience to help remain competitive today, while Google Cloud’s open platform and multi-cloud offerings give companies the ability to integrate seamlessly into their current strategies and evolve their digital transformation as needs change.

Google Cloud sets the foundation for modernizing your applications to unlock the full potential of data analytics and unleash innovation throughout your enterprise. With Accenture’s proven data-driven implementation approach and deep industry and cloud expertise, you can be confident that you have the right partner to guide your cloud journey into the future.

Accenture expertise combined with Google Cloud capabilities ensure you’ve got a flexible, adaptable cloud strategy—tailored to your needs, your workloads, and your multiple clouds—so you can act with confidence.

Migrating to Cloud with Accenture + Google

Accenture and Google Accelerating value and driving innovation with Google Cloud and Accenture

Accelerating value with Google Cloud + Accenture

Three Ways Accenture and Google are Transforming Business Together

Accenture + Google are transforming businesses

Sustainability and Migrating to the cloud A conversation among Accenture and Google

Migrating to Cloud with Google Cloud + Accenture

To Google Cloud. With confidence. Now.

Migrating to Google Cloud with Accenture provides the confidence and innovation to power your organization’s digital transformation—faster, securely and sustainably.

With speed

With Accenture’s accelerators and capabilities alongside Google tools and automation, customers can migrate up to 10x faster than other platforms.

With security

Built-in encryption—along with strong regulatory compliance for critical, complex workloads—makes Google Cloud global enterprise ready.


Accenture’s Sustainability practice, combined with Google, has the expertise to enable sustainable cloud migrations.

Data evolution

With Accenture data expertise, migrating to Google Cloud can lower TCO by 30% or more while unlocking insights and innovation.

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Modernizing our data platform

By unlocking the promise of analytics on Google Cloud, the Accenture global IT organization has transformed their analytics platform—reducing overheads, decreasing costs in server storage and providing our people with cutting-edge, advanced analytics.


The numbers tell the story

With Accenture and Google, you can benefit from a partnership that has delivered successful digital transformations—with proven cost and time savings.


Accenture has over 5,000 Google Cloud professionals trained and 2,250+ certified practitioners.


Google Partner Award Winner and Industry Solutions Partner of the Year.


Migrating to Google Cloud can accelerate application development by up to 75%.


Cloud Ascent: How to maximize value

As we continue to outmaneuver the uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, cloud has become the urgent business imperative. Learn what the five essential elements to maximizing its value are by starting your ascent.


Migrate to modernize

Google Cloud is flexible and adaptable -- tailored to your needs, workloads and multiple clouds.


Google Cloud helps modernize existing apps and build cloud-native apps, which can result in up to 4.8 times ROI within as little as three years.


Google Cloud sets the foundation for ML/AI, analytics and highly scalable systems, while empowering your organization with real-time decision-making.


Flexible contracts with the ability to grow into your environment and additional portability with tools such as Apigee and Anthos.

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What we think

Accenture surveyed companies to determine how far they are advancing in terms of the business value achieved from cloud.

Migrating to sustainable cloud positions companies to deliver on new commitments: carbon reduction and responsible innovation.

Cloud value is an essential requirement for digital transformation. Learn how to migrate the right way and increase cloud value.

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Accenture Helps UPC Polska Tap Google Cloud to Deliver Next Generation Customer Experience

Accenture and Google Cloud have collaborated to help UPC Polska, move from an on-premises infrastructure to cloud, in response to changing customer demands.