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Ready to reimagine IT? Maximize efficiency and deliver value with seamless intelligent automation powered by Accenture myWizard®.

The Automation Advantage

The automation advantage

A comprehensive guide to intelligent automation

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With myWizard, organizations can infuse intelligence into systems and applications across the software development lifecycle to make your business more efficient and adaptable while delivering greater value from IT and automation technology investments.

Accenture myWizard® seamlessly connects to your ecosystem and uses AI to enable human + machine collaboration for IT that is more innovative, predictable and resilient.

Accenture myWizard®: Reimagine IT

Accenture myWizard® is an integrated automation platform bringing speed, efficiency, agility and predictability to IT.

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Features of myWizard

myWizard establishes and manages structured approaches for modern engineering, modern operations, cloud and enterprise automation. Powered by a broad suite of AI-infused assets, it brings speed, efficiency, agility, quality and predictability to IT.

myWizard for Automation Journey Management

Benchmarks automation maturity, identifies opportunities, creates the roadmap, manages the journey and continuously measures the value delivered

myWizard for Modern Engineering

Powers AI-led automation and modern engineering capabilities for predictable and accelerated system transformation programs and software development

myWizard for Modern Operations

Drives efficient and predictive applications, infrastructure and cloud with the power of data-driven insights and AI-infused automation capabilities

myWizard for Automation in the Cloud

Accelerates cloud migration and cloud-native development with multi-cloud strategies and makes multi-cloud operations more reliable and predictable

myWizard Analytics & AI

Accelerates the automation journey with a suite of virtual agents and configurable, ready-to-use, data-driven knowledge management and AI capabilities

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Reimagine IT with myWizard

Accenture myWizard® is an integrated automation platform with AI at the core and resilient, plug-and-play architecture that transforms enterprises and reimagines IT at speed and scale to drive exponential efficiencies.

Accelerate a comprehensive automation transformation journey

Maximize data-driven, business-aligned results

Infuse continuous innovation into your automation DNA

Propel nimble and resilient automation

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Accenture myWizard®

Take a closer look at how myWizard can help you evolve and transform your enterprise.


The power of myWizard


faster speed to market


user experience improvement


reduction in IT costs


on-time successful releases


predictive & proactive application maintenance


quality improvement




patents and applications


automation specialists

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Case study: Automating order management for global retailer

The retailer was facing increased operational costs and complexity in IT use cases. Using myWizard, Accenture automated IT at speed and scale, deploying 330 unique use cases in 18 months—bringing applications from reactive to proactive and predictive. These ranged from simple bots that scan and heal to a complex, scalable self-healing framework that leverages AIOps and machine learning to auto-resolve end user incident tickets, and restart failed processes and transactions. With the help of myWizard, the company avoided 193,000 incident tickets and reduced operating expenses by $2 million.

In one customer order use case, 10% of 600,000 daily orders were getting stuck in the order management system. Using myWizard, we reduced manual intervention and proactively self-healed those orders. This reduced order fallout resolution time from 4 days to under 15 minutes, resulting in improved customer experience and reduced loss of revenue.

"Enterprise-wide automation success can be achieved with a holistic approach of people, process and technology."

– RAJENDRA PRASAD, Global Automation Lead – Accenture Technology

Awards & recognition

Why Accenture is a leader in this field.

IDC MarketScape

Accenture Named Worldwide Leader in Intelligent Automation Services


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