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Treat me in the Metaverse

September 6, 2022 5-MINUTE READ

In brief

Customer experience: a new world of opportunity

Overcoming real-world barriers...

Lack of customer loyalty

Many doctor-oriented communities or platforms set up by pharmaceutical companies suffer from an insufficient number of active users and low retention.

Obscure content

Doctors typically do not have the expertise to fully understand the specialized product-related information received from pharmaceutical companies.

Low customer engagement

Communications and interactions with customers is relatively one-directional. Doctors are more passive in online "question and answer" sessions.

With immersive, virtual solutions


Promoting participation in scientific research with competitive games

Lp(a) case collection

Blending gaming into case collection toincrease product awareness


Racing toward better health with virtual sneakers

Three-dimensional surgical instrument training

Improve learning effectiveness and experience

Promoting cross-departmental product education

Learn by answering questions from interdisciplinary physicians in the pipeline-building task

Balenciaga online fashion show

A multi-faceted digital fashion experience

Reimagining customer experiences in the Metaverse

To infinity and beyond

Meet the team

Daniel Yang

Managing Director - Life Sciences Lead, Greater China

Emma Li

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Greater China

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