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China Enterprise Digital Transformation Index 2020

September 23, 2020


In brief

COVID-19 has created the need to move to digital maturity faster


only 39% of the companies we surveyed were using cloud services to the best efforts they could.


even fewer (28%) were using AI or RPA to improve their operation.

We uncovered a group of digital transformation leaders in China


of Champions returned to their pre-crisis levels of productivity within three months after the virus struck, compared with 47% of the other firms we surveyed.


nearly three quarters of Champions expect their revenues to still grow in 2020, compared with fewer than half (49%) of other firms.


In the first quarter of 2020, Champions’ EBITDA was 16%, on average, 5% higher than the other companies.

Acceleration to digital maturity

The first area requires developing data transparency of all businesses.

The second area involves the need for companies to elevate their omnichannel “games”.

The third area of need involves building resilient digital supply chains.

The fourth area of need involves creating Living Systems to enhance IT adaptability and business flexibility.

The fifth area of need involves nurturing a flexible organization.

The sixth area of need involves growing agile innovation capabilities.

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