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Location Facilities Specliast - Level 9

Job Location: Shanghai

Regional Description: China

Job Number: 00651649


- Job description

Job Summary

Operate independently to deliver a variety of specialist facility & building management services, on-site at a large location or across a moderate number of smaller locations, and is responsible for coordinating the work of a small workgroup (usually 3-6 people.) Service delivered includes client facing support, asset mgmt, engineering, building & maintenance, cleaning, logistics and/or storage services, etc. May manage contracts and relationships with external vendors and/or commodities.

Key Responsibilities

Your role includes some or all of the following key responsibilities. You should review these in conjunction with career level guidelines to gain a clear understanding of the expectations for your role.

·         Provide leadership and direction in matters related to facility operations and scope/quality of services

·         Plan and manage operations and delivery of services, ensuring operational compliance to policies, budgets and guidelines and review performance against business objectives

·         Manage relations with internal leadership and stakeholders

·         Develop and manage contract relationships with external service providers (negotiate and manage contracts, review performance against strategy and budget).

·         Lead Workplace Solutions teams to achieve the appropriate level of external and internal customer satisfaction

·         Participate in the strategic review of business operations and also ensure execution of Workplace Solutions strategy, policies and goals with a focus on long-term business planning and forecasted Workplace Solutions requirements

·         Design and implement programs and processes to deliver performance improvements to continually support Accenture's Workplace Solutions strategy, including participating in sharing best practices across teams/locations

·         Accountable for the implementation, delivery and quality of a variety of Workplace Solutions specialist facility and building management services, on sight at an Accenture location, including asset management, engineering, building and maintenance services, security, cleaning and logistics and/or storage services, etc.

·         Oversee regular scheduled maintenance and unscheduled repairs of infrastructure and equipment (for example, heating, ventilation, lighting, air-conditioning, plumbing & sanitation, power, security, fire & life safety equipment and elevators/lifts.)

·         Oversee activities required to ensure interiors are of a sufficient standard as defined by Accenture policies and standards (for example, décor, painting, furniture and fittings—such as doors, blinds, etc.)

·         Oversee energy utilization and activities to reduce energy consumption and the collection and disposal of waste materials in accordance with Accenture and local policy.

·         Oversee the purchasing, maintenance and disposal of company Workplace assets, in line with Accenture and local policy.

·         Oversee the delivery of cleaning services within the facility, managing the relationship with the vendor and ensuring standards for cleanliness are adhered to.

·         Coordinate facility and building management activities for a small workgroup (3-6 employees) ensuring timely, accurate completion of all tasks according to the current office Provide advice, guidance and act as a resource for questions from workgroup, customers and leadership.

·         May be single point of contact for Workplace Solutions in a specific location.

·         May act as the point of contact for various Workplace Solutions tools/databases, related to basic technical support and end user training

·         May be involved in actions related to programs or projects.


Reports to:                    Location lead of Workplace                   

External Relationships:  Will have working relationships with third party service providers as representative of Accenture.


Education:                    University

Work Experience:          above 5 years’ experience in facility management and team lead

Oversea working experience is preferred

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

·         Requires analysis and solving of moderately complex problems. Typically creates new solutions, leveraging and, where needed, adapting existing methods and procedures.

·         Requires understanding of the strategic direction set by senior management as it relates to team goals.

·         Primary upward interaction is with direct supervisor or team leads.  Generally interacts with peers and/or management levels at a client and/or within Accenture.

·         Requires minimal guidance when determining methods and procedures on new assignments.

·         Manages medium-small sized teams and/or work efforts at a client or within Accenture


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