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Technology/Digital Growth Platform - Financial Manager - level 7

Job Location: Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai

Regional Description: China

Job Number: 00622358


- Job description

Provide overall financial management including planning, forecasting and analysis support. Serve as the primary finance contact point and a business advisor by providing financial insights, management information, business case development, scenario planning and solutions. Lead collaborations with different functions and business operations teams to optimize profitability and to manage risk across the client portfolio and non-contract cost.

Key Responsibilities


Your role includes some or all of the following key responsibilities. You should review these in conjunction with career level guidelines to gain a clear understanding of the expectations for your role.



·         Act as primary point of contact for the growth platform leadership regarding finance related questions, issues, policies, and procedures in regards to client financials and cost management

·         Act as a business advisor to leadership on key decision by providing data and recommendations to aid decision making with focus on revenue and profitability improvement actions, as well as cost management including business development, market development

·         Provide expertise to help achieve targets and alert the growth platform leadership and global finance leadership of significant issue working collaboratively with stakeholders to address the issues

·         Acts as a forecasting interlock between operating group and growth platform for providing regular points of view for landing projections for sales, revenue and Client Controllable Income

·         Monitor annual noncontract cost plans and quarterly forecasts including business development, market development & investment and net operations for a complete non contract cost view of the growth platform

·         Analyze and monitor cost to serve metrics, interface with operating unit finance and operations leadership in this area and collaborate to maximize client/contract profitability

·         Review pipeline of opportunities for the growth platform, provide insights on trends, and various pipeline key performance indicators and health metrics

·         Drive local compensation affordability modeling to set direction in the annual process to determine how to achieve affordable labor cost

·         Evaluate actual results versus plan and forecast, highlighting exception areas and identifying corrective actions

·         Implement corrective actions impacting growth platform profitability

·         Communicate relevant client financial and growth platform non-contract cost issues, results, and information to growth platform leadership

·         Collaborate with the operating group and client finance management (CFM) to maximize client profitability with a focus on continuous margin improvement

·         Work with human resources and business operations on reviewing productivity reporting and providing recommendations to leadership

·         Work with country controllership on cost rate and load factor management and approvals

·         Play an active role as finance representative in growth platform leadership meetings

·         Educate growth platform leadership teams on Accenture financial principles

·         Maintain strong communication and dialogue with the global finance leads

·         In the event of an acquisition

o    Ensure successful integration of acquisition target financials onto SAP as well as operationalizing and tracking against the acquisition business case

o    Leverage strong accounting skill set, you will work with local controllership and other global entities in managing the acquired balance sheet and our net working capital position

o    Supervise direct interface with CFM support to ensure end-to-end coverage, in particular identifying any early indicators of delivery issues (e.g. cost overrun; expenses; unrealistic estimated time for completions) and this is particularly critical of all legacy contracts brought over from the acquired entity

o    Direct analysis and report against the impact of the acquisition on the integrated business case, relying on regional growth and other “proxy” key performance indicators and metrics



The performance objectives shown below are specific to this role. If you are in this role, these objectives will appear in myPerformance as a starting point for setting your objectives, using the 3+1 objectives setting approach. Within myPerformance, you will select three focused objectives from this list where you can make the most significant contributions to the business–one for each leadership contribution area (Value Creator, People Developer, Business Operator)–plus one objective for your professional growth (anything you want to achieve outside your daily responsibilities to develop yourself).


        Value Creator

·         Establish self as expert or key contributor

·         Increase client/customer or user satisfaction

·         Make/propose improvements to work products, services or processes


        Business Operator

·         Comply with Accenture standards, procedures and policies

·         Meet deliverable requirements/service level measures/specific targets

·         Reduce/Manage risks to tasks, activities or projects


        People Developer

·         Build skills (self or others) needed to execute responsibilities

·         Effectively coach/counsel others and provide feedback to improve performance

·         Maximize individual/team productivity to build or maintain a high quality team

Career Level Expectations


Below are the expectations for all employees in this role. Please note that additional criteria may apply in some countries. If your home country appears in the "Country Specific Information" link at right, please click the country name to view the applicable expectations for this role.



Degree of difficulty of an assignment or the level of problem-solving assessment and resolution required, as indicated by degree of problem-solving, strategic vs. routine focus, and stakeholder interactions (e.g., Executives, Supervisor, etc.)

·         Requires identifying and assessing complex problems for area of responsibility. Creates solutions in situations in which analysis requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors.

·         Requires adherence to strategic direction set by senior management when establishing near-term goals.

·         Interaction is with senior management at a client and/or within Accenture, involving matters that may require acceptance of an alternate approach.


Power to influence or complete assignments independently and ability to make decisions, as indicated by latitude to devise work products or plans, reliance on instruction and decision-making ability

·         Some latitude in decision-making. Acts independently to determine methods and procedures on new assignments

Impact or Decision Impact

Risk or consequences in the event of failure, as indicated by range of expected impact, such as within a team or across a team or area of responsibility and level of risk

·         Decisions have a major day to day impact on area of responsibility


Degree of accountability for assigned tasks, our clients and/or the organization, as indicated by size of work effort and scale of entity and/or program

·         Manages large - medium sized teams and/or work efforts at a client or within Accenture

Skills and Proficiency Expectations


Skill Name

Expected Proficiency Level

Budgeting and Forecasting

P4 - Expert

Cost Accounting

P4 - Expert

Financial Analysis

P2 - Proficient


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