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[Sourcing]Apr.2016_TA _Level 8-6_DL/SH

Job Location: Dalian, Shanghai, Shanghai

Job Number: 00377301


- Job description

The software architect role is responsible for the software architecture, which includes the key technical decisions that constrain the overall design and implementation for the project.
·        The software architect has overall responsibility for driving the major technical decisions, expressed as the software architecture. This typically includes identifying and documenting the architecturally significant aspects of the system, including requirements, design, implementation, and deployment "views" of the system.
·        The architect is also responsible for providing rationale for these decisions, balancing the concerns of the various stakeholders, driving down technical risks, and ensuring that decisions are effectively communicated, validated, and adhered to.
·        Intensive knowledge on several Java platform technologies, such as JNDI, DOM/SAX, Reflection, JSP, Taglib, EJB, Annotation, AOP, DI, REST, workflow, etc.
·        Familiar with one/several common frameworks/tools, such as Structs, Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, JSF jQuery, jBPM, JIRA, JUnit, JMeter, Grinder, Selenium, etc.
·        Familiar with one/several common application servers, such as Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish, WebSphere, WebLogic, etc.
·        Well understanding on several design patterns, such as Singleton, Builder, Adapter, Facade, etc.
·        Experiences and solutions on all/specific part of web system application, such as user interface/components, input validation(single/cross), data transfer, business processes, transition control, exception handling, log management, interactive message, security handling, sync/async processes, performance, cloud computing, etc.    
·        Experienced in both the problem domain, through a thorough understanding of the requirements, and the software engineering domain. If there is a team, these qualities can be spread across the team members, but at least one software architect must provide the global vision for the project;
·        Leadership in order to drive the technical effort across the various teams, and to make critical decisions under pressure and make those decisions stick. To be effective, the software architect and the project manager must work closely together, with the software architect leading the technical issues and the project manager leading the administrative issues. The software architect must have the authority to make technical decisions.;
·        Self-motivated and quick learner, be passionate on technology, able to work under pressure and stressful environment.

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