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Intelligent Utility Operations

What we do

Energy products and services

Provides all operations required to define, pilot, launch and industrialize new products and services:

  • New service start-up
  • Digital marketing and promotion management
  • Contracts management
  • Vendor management
  • Order management
  • Customer insights
  • Energy management services
  • Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Side Management (DSM) services

Digital asset and field worker operations

Provides end-to-end operations to manage assets and field force activities:

  • Strategy and capacity planning
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Field work command center
  • Field force scheduling, dispatch and support
  • Asset digitization and monitoring

Digital customer interaction and meter to cash

Provides fully integrated retail and customer operations across the customer lifecycle:

  • Customer journey management
  • Contract and enrollment management
  • Digital customer engagement
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Customer care interaction and management

Advanced grids and metering operations

Provides end-to-end operations to manage smart devices and smart insights:

  • Smart meter deployment
  • Capacity forecast and planning field
  • Support and contractor performance
  • Meter procurement and supply chain
  • Smart meter and data exceptions
  • Smart data analytics
  • Losses and fraud management

    Why work with us?


    Reduce cost to serve per client 30% to 50% in the retail and customer operations businesses


    Move 35% to 50% of customer interactions to digital channels


    Eliminate > 40% of manual work through automation and robotics

    What we think

    Shining a light on value

    Energy is the lifeblood of asset-intensive companies. That’s why many businesses today find themselves at a critical crossroads.

    The future belongs to intelligent operations

    Agility, flexibility, and responsiveness enhance and optimize the customer experience and deliver superior business outcomes.

    Meet our lead

    Simon Jackson

    Utilities Business Process Services Lead – Accenture Operations

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