Reimagining insurance operations

Helping you harness the power of human + machine to establish resilient operations to future-ready your business​

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Make absence and disability claim easier

Insurers can use tech for faster turnaround time

Future-ready insurance operations

Insurers have not only been impacted by the business and economic disruptions of pandemic, they are also witnessing catastrophic events linked to climate change that upend historically reliable risk models. While these events left insurers exposed in many ways, they also revealed opportunities to elevate business performance—from driving cost savings from remote working models and benefiting from cloud operations to increasing digital customer acquisitions with AI-driven insights.

Intelligent insurance operations can elevate decisions and boost profitability and efficiency gains today. Using SynOps, we create a data-driven operating model that connects intelligent technologies, talent, data and analytics to help you stay a step ahead of change while making the stakeholder experience your North Star and delivering sustainable growth.

Intelligent insurance operations: Increase profitability and efficiency

Future-ready insurance operations

Unifying insurance operations

Scale onboarding to meet business demands

Transform the onboarding journey of life agents​

The competitive edge for insurers​

20 — 25 % reduction in manual effort

Streamlining Underwriting

Delivering Better Experiences

35% headcount efficiency gains

Rethinking First Notice of Loss

AI powered, connected, data-driven

The impact of change

We transform your insurance operations into a digital, cost-efficient, agile operating model that helps you:

Drive sustainable growth

  • Increase speed to market on new product launches by up to 60%
  • Increase back office processing productivity by 15-20% through the use of automation

Redefine customer experience

  • Create personalized and digital customer interactions
  • Unlock customer value through data driven insights
  • Shift up to 40% of transactions to self service

Accelerate the innovation agenda

  • Scale vision by combining intelligent technologies and insurance talent with next-generation skills
  • Improve decision making by using the right resource at the right time

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Services that power change

Our human-machine operating platform, SynOps, leverages an extensive collection of tools, technology, and experts - tailored for your unique needs.

What we think

Business Process Services

The value multiplier

Discover how organizations can double their chances of future-ready operations in the next 3 years.

Fast-track to future-ready insurance operations​

How to reach new levels of operations maturity.

Fast-track to future-ready​

Applying tech-driven operational intelligence across an organization leads to greater profitability and efficiency.​
Competitive Agility

Innovate for resilience and new insurance revenue

Innovating in key areas like customer wellness and safety will help insurance companies defend revenues and build resilience.

Case studies

Smaller insurers come together to reduce claims handling costs by up to 30%.

A leading insurance company boosts claims management productivity with transformed insurance processes.

European insurer taps into analytics, automation and expert talent to boost customer satisfaction.

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Recognizing the power of change

Top industry analysts believe Accenture’s innovation-led approach helps clients reimagine the role of Insurance Operations.

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