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Accenture's Intelligent Skilling Accelerator helps public service organizations focus on future skills and support workforce transformation.

Taking care of business in the face of change

COVID-19 has shown public service agencies that resilience is essential. As we shift from the stability of fixed roles to a world that's skill based, flexible and entrepreneurial, the need for agility, digital capabilities and creative problem-solving is top of mind.

Technology has shifted already-evolving employee expectations, but while 64% of public service workers say the recent upswing in remote work has them thinking about the need to upskill or reskill, only 35% feel strongly that their agency provides the necessary training.

So, public service CHROs are in the spotlight, and workforce transformation is on the agenda. How can you deliver on today's needs and build the working environment for tomorrow's challenges?

A unique solution for exceptional times

The Intelligent Skilling Accelerator, developed in partnership with Skyhive, uses on-demand technology to offer a seamless service for public service employees and supervisors - accelerating learning, optimizing skills management, and providing predictive recommendations. It's able to capture the breadth of skills employees currently have, as well as identifying and prioritizing the skills your organization needs for the future.

One solution, many benefits

With the Intelligent Skilling Accelerator you can develop an inclusive, supportive environment of working, learning and collaboration, built on a foundation of technology, which empowers the organization to meet the unpredictable head-on.

Increased operational efficiency

By discovering efficiencies, and showing real time data, this new technology increases employee satisfaction and creates a competitive advantage.

Labor market intelligence

You can easily identify threats and opportunities, and act quickly with the intelligent recommendations.

Integrations with internal systems

Integration boosts the speed of information access and reduces costs, for improved productivity and quality of operations.

Customized user experience

Now users can control their interactions and information is organized and displayed in pre-defined pages.

Employee empowerment

Your people get the right tools and techniques to achieve success.

Reduced time to market

You can be confident in the organization's ability to be one step ahead when things change.

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Work reimagined

At a time when work is being reimagined, human ingenuity and technology need to come together to create a new vision of the future of work.

That's what we can do for you.

Bringing the experience of our cross-functional teams, our industry expertise, and our unique capabilities, combined with the power of Skyhive, we can deliver rapid transformation for public service organizations.

If you are ready to start on the journey toward the future of work, contact us and see how our Intelligent Skilling Accelerator can set you up with the workforce of tomorrow.

Diagram depicting three essential elements of cross-functional teams: scale and speed, talent and expertise and ecosystem partners.

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