Insurance omnichannel client experiences

Build an innovative, engaging insurance platform

Reimagining customer experience

Customers have shifted to digital engagement and expect the same level of digital efficiency and intuition as the most sophisticated online retailers. We help insurers reimagine their customer experiences, differentiating through AI-powered customer journeys in sales, servicing, claims and policy management. This is continually informed by AI-led analytics in insurance marketing.

What do insurance customers expect? Now is the time for insurers to work on building customer confidence and reimagine the experiences they offer.


Develop digital journeys

Develop digital journeys powered by AI analytics, focusing on sales, claims and service.

Leverage Advanced Customer Engagement

Leverage Advanced Customer Engagement focused on omni-channel experience to enable the digital journey.

Increase new business and renewals

Increase new business and renewals bound in remote/digital model.

Streamlined operations

Reduce service/operations cost.

Deeper engagement

Increase interactions in digital channels.

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Cross-industry journeys

Create cross-industry journey inspiration and programs.

Pre-defined insurance journeys

Execute pre-defined insurance journeys, for example a bespoke digital claims journey.

Build proven architectures

Build proven architectures powered by ecosystem and proprietary assets.

Segmentation and journey creation

That encompasses all digital touchpoints and is defined by “moments that matter.”

Agile prototyping

Build platforms that continue to improve and adapt through the insights gathered from real-time customer data.

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With the rise of advanced technologies in all sectors, insurance customers expect the same level of efficiency and advanced technical integration as they receive on, for example, retail. This requires the insurance experience to be accessible on all channels, from human to digital.

Start with defining every touchpoint of the insurance customer experience and analyze its efficiency. Accenture can provide a targeted, data-led analysis for every step.

By harnessing the power of AI, organizations can reduce operating costs to improve margin, scale and design personalized customer experiences, create completely new revenue streams by monetizing their data, unlock new efficiencies and growth, enable new ways of working, and accelerate game-changing innovation-3x faster than the typical product life cycles.