Industry X Innovation Centre at the AMRC smart factory

Demystify disruptive innovation. Experience the latest digital technologies, test drive solutions and help redefine the future of manufacturing.

The smart factory partnership

Accenture has partnered with AMRC and Rolls-Royce to create the smart factory experience to accelerate the adoption of digital solutions for manufacturing.

The partnership between industry and academia has become a model for research centres worldwide.

University of Sheffield AMRC

The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) specialises in carrying out world-leading research into advanced machining and manufacturing digitisation.


Accenture is ranked first in the top 10 Manufacturing Service Providers 2019 report. We help manufacturers navigate disruptive technologies and transform into digital enterprises.


Rolls-Royce, a major partner of the AMRC, is the world’s second-largest maker of aircraft engines and currently influences the deployment of IT/OT solutions at the Smart Factory.

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Closing the gap between today and Industry X

Innovation is in our DNA, and in that spirit, Accenture has partnered with the AMRC in the development of Accenture Industry X Innovation Centre at the AMRC smart factory.

In this fully operational manufacturing environment, visitors will experience the integration of the latest digital technologies in a real factory setting. Use machine learning, automation, immersive technologies and more to uncover efficiencies, and develop proven implementation strategies.

The AMRC smart factory, where traditional industries meet world-leading technologies.


Industry X Innovation Centre at the AMRC smart factory overview

Accenture’s video explains the unique visitor experiences at the​​ AMRC Smart Factory. See more.

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What to expect

Get inspired. At the smart factory, you will have access to cutting edge Industry X technologies. Define your business challenges and experience practical ideas and solutions first-hand, avoiding costly trial and error approaches.


Facilitate ideation and design thinking with workshops to co-develop innovative industrial solutions.

Smart factory sandpit

Come play in the "sandpit," a risk-free environment that can be configured, tested and developed to prove the value of digital manufacturing solutions.

Technology partners

The smart factory technology partners provide the perfect opportunity to understand, develop and test-drive several different solutions.

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The role of the smart factory

Why bother with individual demos and isolated use cases when the smart factory brings together best-in-class digital technologies in one location, a fully operational representative manufacturing environment.

Smart factory hub

Begin your journey. Learn how the smart factory technology backbone integrates manufacturing and digital to solve practical business problems.


Gain a deeper understanding of factors affecting outcomes by evaluating different scenarios.

Flexible factory

Modular floor for quick and easy reconfiguration between workloads.

Parts inspection

Increase consistency and accuracy with automated visual inspection using digital imaging and machine learning.

Smart machining

Digital Twins provide real-time performance data to optimise the manufacturing process.

Smart kitting

Reduce errors, find and locate parts quickly and efficiently.


Digital technologies support and optimise the assembly process for the connected worker.

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Where to find us

The AMRC smart factory is located in the industrial heart of Sheffield at Factory 2050, Europa Ave, Sheffield S9 1ZA.

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