Murex MX.3 cloud migration with Accenture & AWS

Modernize your trading technology on AWS’s leading cloud platform and maximize the benefits of your cloud journey with Accenture.

Murex MX.3 on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Financial institutions are feeling the pressure to get the greatest possible return on their capital investment dollars. This is one of the reasons why many are investing in new technologies and ways of working often aimed at leaving behind complex, siloed infrastructure that’s not fit for purpose. Firms are turning to digital transformation as a key element in their investment strategy. An area this applies to is trading and risk management platforms. One significant advantage of running MX.3 on AWS is the potential to easily provision optimized development environments. Accenture has fulfilled a rigorous process to achieve AWS’ ‘well-architected’ approval for MX.3 on AWS. Accenture has created a developer tool—the Accenture Environment Management Dashboard— that can help overcome existing challenges in a journey to cloud and that leverages the AWS-approved Murex deployment blueprint.

Why choose Accenture for your MX.3 to AWS needs?

Our Capital Markets Industry Practice has been helping Murex clients to transform their front, middle and back-office operations and risk management functions for more than 20 years. In addition, the Accenture AWS Business Group brings together the best of AWS and Accenture to accelerate enterprise adoption of AWS and business value creation. Leveraging this experience, we have implemented several Murex to Cloud foundation projects including Murex Dev/Test on AWS and Murex DevOps with Business Layer Autoscaling on AWS.

As an AWS partner whose Murex framework has achieved ‘well-architected’ status, Accenture is able to provide clients with a deployment blueprint for cloud implementation that ranges from planning to migration to effective operation.

What we think

Moving your Murex MX.3 platform to the cloud can enable continuous integration and delivery, reduced complexity and faster resolution of issues.

DevOps reduces this complexity and allows firms to streamline their IT environment to successfully drive innovation—faster and better.

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