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Liquid Application Management

Disruption is hard. Being disrupted is harder. Future-proof your application portfolio with proactive innovation that pays for itself.

Innovation without an expiration date

How we work


Introducing new engineering practices and emerging technologies to improve speed and agility


Using analytics, AI and automation to improve competitiveness, enhance security and reduce spend


Reimagining people, applications and vendors to streamline operations and unlock efficiency

Shared success

Cloud migration: 25% reduction in costs

Moved a tech company's apps portfolio to the cloud and reduced resolution time by 50 percent.

Insuring performance: +350% in sales

Created a continuous delivery pipeline to help an insurer cut product rollout time by 50 percent.

IT transformation: $25M in savings within a year

After implementing AI and automation, a global cable operator saw a 20 percent increase in productivity.


Application modernization

Transforming your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient through the power of New IT.

Cloud migration

As the #1 integrator for Google, Salesforce, AWS and more, we can get you to the cloud faster.

Quality engineering

Quality engineering has evolved for the modern age, with new and improved methods for digital, AI, security, core and more.


Streamline business, development and operation teams for improved time to market, risk and resiliency.

Data and analytics

Tap into "dark" data you didn't even know you had and unlock powerful insights to drive AI and innovation.

Intelligent automation

What if your business could self-evolve to manage disruption? Learning processes can help you boost efficiency and adapt to change.

A new beginning for enterprise applications


Meet our lead

Mahesh V. Zurale

Lead – Advanced Technology Centers, India

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