Today, across Canada, we have a varied landscape of direct to consumer virtual care offerings, provincially delivered virtual care solutions and employer benefits plans that offer supplemental access to virtual care with hundreds of technology solutions entering the marketplace.

While virtual care cannot and should not replace all forms of care, there are well known and established uses for which the use of virtual care tools improves patient and provider experience, improves access to care and can reduce operating model costs for health systems.

To deliver on this shift, there are several key needs

1. Rapid response

Health systems and care providers need to quickly deploy and deliver easy to use virtual care solutions that respond to patients’ and providers’ needs.

2. Longer-term scale

Ensure virtual care is scalable as it becomes routine care. This emphasizes the need for stable and effective virtual care solutions and partnerships.

3. A human lens

Delivery of virtual care goes beyond technology – it relies on the people and processes that wrap around solutions.

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The new world of care delivery

Pain point: We don’t have enough time

Desired solution

Consolidation of key information about VC solutions would be helpful in gaining a better marketplace understanding, faster.

Pain point: We don’t have the information

Desired solution

Assessment of technology using an established framework methodology would support organizations in making more appropriate choices for technologies and partners.

Pain point: How do we sustain this change?

Desired solution

Development of a plan for “post-COVID” virtual care operations, maintenance, and service expansion for ongoing success.

VIRTUAL CARE: Addressing immediate needs and planning for the future.

What could your Virtual Care look like?

Accenture’s end to end support is aligned with health provider needs and is built on decades of vendor agnostic strategy, integration and implementation expertise – we support you to:

Get where you want to go – develop the plan

Define your needs, priorities, vision, scope and implementation roadmap for virtual care.

Make the right choice – establish a framework

Understand the virtual care marketplace offerings and partnership opportunities.

Ensure success – operate, scale & sustain

Pivot your clinical and operating models & scale to appropriate clinical areas.

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Virtual care as your starting point toward larger transformation

By establishing a solid foundation for virtual care, you’re paving the way for integrated care, improved patient and provider experiences and health system efficiency more broadly.

There is significant opportunity for change and we should be asking how might we create transformative outcomes for our health systems through virtual care by.

Leveraging investment in virtual care to address challenges in clinical data and act on population health management.

Layering in other technology to create even greater return on investment.

Expanding virtual care’s reach into other verticals within health care to support efficiency and sustainability needs.

Creating a centre of excellence within your organization to scale learnings and achieve economies of scale for investments by supporting other parts of the health system.

Creating research and innovation opportunities that support new economies and growth opportunities.

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Shannon MacDonald

Managing Director – Health & Provincial Governments

Jimmy Yang

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Health


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