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A digital strategy for the future comes home

Call for change

“After years of failed attempts to improve our processes and systems in incremental steps, we had arrived at a place of clarity: digitize or surrender.”

— Evan Siddall, FORMER CMHC CEO

When tech meets human ingenuity

Distribute funds through an online financial distribution and reconciliation process that speeds up approvals and payments.

Housing data exchange, financial institutions can find analytics and insights on mortgages and securitization to make decisions on housing market.


[See how CMHC reduced IT-related emissions by 82%]

A valuable difference

"Most importantly, our employees are now empowered to guide our continuing transformation to keep pace with leading market practices, enabling CMHC to best support our clients and people living in Canada."

— Romy Bowers, President and CEO

Meet the team

Charlie Cattran

Senior Manager – Technology, Public Service, North America

Laura Clements

Managing Director – Consulting, Talent & Organization, Federal Public Service, Canada
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