TELUS is a national Canadian Communications Service Provider (CSP), delivering connected services and solutions to Canadians at home, in the workplace and on the move. Their ambition is to deliver a first-rate customer experience, backed up with world-class networks and cutting-edge technology.

This was the key driver for working with Accenture to take pro-active action on their consumer Wi-Fi services, where research showed that customers weren’t taking full advantage of services.

Analysis of the 250,000 calls per year about Wi-Fi issues showed the challenge was often faulty set-ups and lack of understanding of configuration possibilities, therefore, customers wrongly believed that connectivity was poor and were tempted to leave for another provider.

Allowing customers to take control of their home Wi-Fi to configure, manage and solve problems would help customer satisfaction as well as remove some call response requirements on support teams, who would then be able to address other needs.

Strategy and solution

TELUS was already in discussion with Accenture about the potential of the Smart Home for their customers, and it became apparent that solving the Wi-Fi management challenge was part of a journey that would allow more sophisticated services to be offered in the future.

TELUS and Accenture worked together to design, build and deliver an end-to-end experience that let users self-install, self-serve, trouble-shoot and explore TELUS Wi-Fi’s more sophisticated features in an easy-to-use mobile app.

Accenture helped TELUS to bring multiple internal teams together as one and to cross-pollinate workloads, introducing new ways of working with agile principles. The team rated and prioritized the scope of work according to the business case, triaging activities to keep the development pace brisk. Android and iOS teams worked side-by-side. Opex savings, reduced incoming call numbers, enhanced customer value and satisfaction drove the work.


Available for free to more than 1.3 million customers on both Android and iOS, the TELUS “My Wi-Fi” app not only takes customers through an easy guided set up but helps them personalize and control their experience. It offers tips to get the best Wi-Fi connection, a quick view of everything connected to the customer’s internet, diagnostics on speed and signal strength, and instructions for maximizing coverage. With no knowledge of network management, customers can now enable or disable Wi-Fi access of family members’ profiles or individual devices and set up parental controls.

TELUS deployed the gold standard across the industry for device management. Accenture supported the interface and pulled all the data into the application.

The app launched in August 2018, less than eight months after development began. It is the fastest customer-facing app TELUS has ever launched and beat its nearest competitor to market by nine months.

The churn rate of the My Wi-Fi app’s active users significantly reduced compared to the regular customer base and their call volumes are lower by 39 percent.

TELUS was also able to start looking pro-actively at device analytics for real time views of performance and usage statistics and then could act and eliminate even more service calls.

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