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May 29 – May 31, 2024 | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Accenture at CANSEC

Mission Readiness | Today and Tomorrow. At CANSEC 2024, we showcase solutions that empower people, increase readiness, and enhance mission outcomes.

About the event

CANSEC showcases leading-edge technology, products and services for land-based, naval, aerospace and joint forces military units. This two-day event is the largest and most important defence industry trade show in Canada and has been held annually in Ottawa since 1998.

At CANSEC we look forward to meeting you and the many who serve in the Defence and Armed Forces mission. Come meet our team of leaders in Defence and experts in the business of digital transformation.

What’s happening?

Explore our capabilities and solutions designed to enhance your mission readiness.

Supported by Accenture’s >700k global workforce, strong eco-system partnerships, and our 18-country global defence team, we understand the business of Defence and are practiced in how to see your people, teams and missions succeed.

PDC2 allows Canadian Armed Forces to re-imagine how to best deploy its precious people assets to maximum effect, partnering them with data and AI to enhance operational advantage and integrate with key allies.

Imagine one, mission-ready, single source of digital truth for your most important systems of record, integrated and secure across your digital core. The next-generation SAP S/4HANA Defence industry solution accelerates such digital capabilities.

People truly are the heart of CAF’s readiness and successful mission outcomes. As a global industry partner, Accenture knows first-hand the unique talent requirements and cultural factors affecting Defence forces both abroad and at home.

Our Cyber Security solutions provide visibility into risk across an entire organization, protect critical assets, help people develop cyber skills and ensure your organization is prepared for the cyber-attacks of today and tomorrow.

CANSEC sessions

Join Accenture at our CANSEC booth (CL10) for the following information sessions covering a wide range of topics.


Learn how Accenture enables PDC2, combining the compute power of secure cloud with the right mix of technology, partnerships, and trust to fuse intelligence, awareness, and operations.


Learn how Accenture’s deep partnerships with industry-leading vendors and with Canada’s allies can accelerate CAF’s journey through this once-in-a-generation transformation.


Join us to learn how Accenture can help CAF support tomorrow’s readiness through data-informed, human resource transformation, recruiting and synthetic immersive simulation.


Learn how Accenture is at the forefront of AI enabled cyber technology and adapting to the new threat landscape while not losing sight of the security fundamentals.


Join us to learn how Accenture deploys GenAI across defence operations, planning, intelligence, and cyber threat assessment.


Join us to explore our Common Synthetic Environment for battle space planning, simulation and immersive learning.

Who is going to be there?

Pierre Dupont

Managing Director – Defence and Public Safety, Canada

LTG (R) Mary Legere

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, National Security Portfolio, Strategy and Engagement

Chris Brennan

Managing Director – Defense and Public Safety, Canada

Roger Barrett

Lead – Accenture Defence, Strategy and Consulting

Charles Cattran

Managing Director – Defence Client Account Lead, Canada

Kevin M.

Technical Services Lead – Accenture Technology