COVID-19: What to do now, What to do next

Creating resilience in uncertain times.

How is your operating model handling disruption?

Disruptive technologies and empowered consumers are accelerating market change.

Amid the chaos, your operating model is your linchpin. Organizations must pursue innovative and agile operating models to adapt, compete and grow. Be prepared to disrupt your current strategies to continuously keep pace with the market.

We can help to align your strategy and operating model to stay competitive and grow beyond your traditional core business.

Accenture’s report outlines five characteristics for an intelligent, agile operating model: Human, Liquid, Enhanced, Living and Modular.

Building a future-ready business

Know where you are going, how to get there and who to partner with. Here’s how we help you establish a new mindset, structure and economic viability within your organization.


Relationships are essential to adaptability. The best teammates will help you enable market-making solutions.

Mergers & acquisitions

Acquisitions allow for faster pivots. Look for ways to optimize your portfolio to accelerate innovation and growth.


Augment your workforce with AI and other technologies to find the right combination of resources to unleash passion, purpose and performance.

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What we think

Accenture's intelligent organization accelerator

Solving for complexity with one powerful solution.

Case studies

Operating Model

Sakthi’s new go-to-market approach increased incoming business year-over-year by 60 percent and sales productivity by 70 percent.

Operating Model

An IIoT platform helped Biesse Group gather real-time data to improve customer service and loyalty.

Mergers & Acquisitions

To focus on high-growth market segments in the semiconductor sector, NXP needed to divest a leg of business.


Avis faced disruption with an end-to-end workplace solution to increase HR agility.

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