What It Is

Companies that master competitive agility execute with equal strength across growth, profitability, and sustainability and trust.

Why It Matters

Companies must manage the core to maximize investment for the new and fundamentally re-align resources for growth.

Where It's Going

Competitive agility is demanded from the outside and driven from the inside. Leaders who act with speed and confidence turn disruption into opportunity.

Whole-brain leadership

C-suite leaders must engage stakeholders with an intentional balance of human-centered and data-led approaches to achieve competitive agility.

Striking balance with whole-brain leadership

Disruptive impacts on the C-suite are growing. A new response from leaders is needed. Only 8% employ a whole-brain approach today. 82% will tomorrow.

Disruption need not be an enigma

Leaders can harness the power of disruption. Its strength is defined by the value it releases. Disruption can be anticipated, met and even courted.

Pivot to the future podcast

Schneider Electric has been pivoting since 1836. Chairman & CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire discusses their journey to competitive agility in a continuously changing landscape.


Trust is an undervalued contributor to sustained growth. Given its systemic impact on stakeholders and the power it has to quantifiably reduce competitiveness, trust is anything but soft.

The bottom line on trust

What if companies could quantify the impact of trust on their bottom line? Now they can.

Balancing the trust equation

Companies that strive to balance the macro and micro trust equation will maximize revenues through increased customer loyalty and competitive differentiation.

Are you trusted? CEOs need a strategic priority

Platforms must nurture trust in a coordinated fashion across customers, partners, employees and service providers.


Customers, employees and stakeholders engage most with companies driven by purpose. For companies who provide authentic, values-driven experiences this a powerful source of competitive advantage.

UNGC – Accenture Strategy CEO Study on Sustainability

CEO’s recognize that the business community could—and should—be making a far greater contribution to achieving a sustainable global economy by 2030.

From me to we: The rise of the purpose-led brand

Customers buy from brands they believe in–47 percent walk away from those that don’t. The kicker. 17 percent of those won’t ever come back.

H&M Foundation: Creating fashion with purpose

Accenture is working with H&M to help retailers attract future customers who demand greater transparency and clothes with a conscience.

Zero-based Mindset: Evolving ZBB to ZBx

A Zero-based Mindset (ZBx) realigns resources to focus on agility over austerity, visibility over guesswork, and the future over the past to fuel growth and competitiveness.

The Big Zero

The book, The Big Zero, shows how to imbue an organization with a Zero-based Mindset to achieve startup speed at enterprise scale.

Beyond the ZBB buzz

Beyond the P&L, companies with a Zero-based Mindset harness their entire organization to gain competitive advantage.

Transform at speed: Run business at a smart sprint

Successful companies know how to keep the core strong while investing for growth and innovation.

Agile at the core

Leaders pursue innovative, agile business models to remain competitive and grow outside of their core. Ecosystems enable companies to ignite this growth.

Move fast to thrive: Intelligent operating model

Companies can improve their agility by making five characteristics part of their operating model DNA: Human. Liquid. Enhanced. Living. Modular.

Does digital leadership in banking really matter?

Traditional banks can morph into high-flying, digital-first banks for superior economic performance.

Chemical (Re)action: Growth in a circular economy

Chemical companies can capture a share of the fast-growing market for eco-friendly products—and accelerate growth while shaping a more sustainable future.

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