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M&A integration: The Agile advantage

February 12, 2020


In brief

Avoiding the innovation deep freeze

M&A: Modern & Agile


of acquisitions were related to gaining new, digital capabilities for those companies most active in M&A.


of executives believe they can no longer rely on their current M&A capabilities for digital deals.

A catalyst for lasting change

Utilities: (Em)powering the people

In disparate industries – from Banking to Utilities – companies exhibit how Agile M&A integration approaches can drive innovations resulting in improved customer experiences and retention during the integration phase of the deal. Two European utilities recently used Agile approaches to carry out critical post-M&A integration activities aimed at customer retention. The approach ensured innovation remained front-and-center during the integration and reduced risks by identifying issues early on. People felt heard and valued in the new, to-be organization. And the merged entities’ churn rates beat expectations. The company is already planning to use Agile approaches again during future M&A integrations.

Pressing the Agile accelerator

1. Determine where Agile is appropriate

Certain aspects of integration need traditional approaches. Identify where an Agile integration approach makes sense assessing the ultimate business impact of using Agile and workforce readiness.

2. Hone Agile capabilities over time

Introduce new practices gradually. Train the uninitiated and expose them to Agile teams. As the integration progresses, add new Agile work sets to maximize impact and keep innovation moving forward.

3. Embed Agile in the organization’s culture

Agile practices must be directed from the top—from leaders who exhibit whole-brain leadership characteristics. Leaders must ensure that governance, training, metrics and accountabilities are Agile.

Felix Hessel

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions

Felix helps companies effectively manage post-merger integration, carve-out, and business transformation.

Rajat Maaker

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, EMEA

Rajat focuses on M&A and corporate strategy engagements across all industries and across the entire M&A lifecycle.

Peter Sidebottom


Peter advises leaders on how to penetrate new markets quickly, increase market share and reduce costs.

Seth Van Winkle

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy Mergers & Acquisitions, North America Lead

Seth focuses on aligning the technology transformation resulting from mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.


Nikoo Delgoshaie

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy


Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Banking

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