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Measuring the cloud banking landscape

Banking Cloud Altimeter is the bank executive’s go-to guide for banking in the cloud. In this bi-monthly publication, we’ll share our research findings, best practices from years of experiences with many of the world’s leading banks, and the latest insights from our cloud partner ecosystem.

The magazine’s in-depth content taps into the expertise of industry leaders and the practical lessons learned by bankers who are at the forefront in the journey to cloud. We’ll also share market insights and track the progress of global banks and other financial institutions.

Access Volume 1 of Banking Cloud Altimeter below.

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"Nearly every bank has taken off on their journey to cloud, but very few have gotten more than a few feet off the ground."

— Mike Abbott, Senior Managing Director – Global Banking Lead

Banking Cloud Altimeter, Volume 1

In this first volume, we address:

  • What does it mean to be a bank in the cloud?
  • Q&A with Accenture’s Global Banking Cloud Lead: What does a bank need to navigate its way into the cloud?
  • What did we learn from our profile of 100 global banks in our Banking Cloud Rotation Index survey?
  • What can you expect to find in our next volume?

We hope the Banking Cloud Altimeter will help you plan and implement your migration to the cloud. We need your input — please get in touch to share your experiences, question our cloud experts, and tell us what we can do to make this magazine even more useful.

Our new digital magazine covers the latest evolution of banking in the cloud.

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