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Case Study

Leading the future of digital customer service

PSE is delivering a next-level customer experience through improved self-service capabilities, automated workforce management and data and analytics.

Call for change

When tech meets human ingenuity

Billing payment credit and collections

The team improved the billing experience for customers by increasing automated payment options and automating the deposit and refund processes.

Integrated workforce management

The team automated processes for asset management, work assignment and dispatch to optimize efficiency and enable the right work at the right time.

Data analytics

The team created a “Platform of Insights” that helps PSE make decisions based on accurate, consistent and integrated customer and meter data.

A valuable difference

Better data access for real-time decision making

PSE’s leadership is uncovering new insights about customers within minutes, making confident decisions and driving improvements.

Enhanced customer digital journey

Multi-channel analytics are showing customer trends across digital channels, helping PSE optimize its digital channels and reduce call volumes.

Improved customer satisfaction and fewer calls

Executive dashboards are providing valuable insights and helping PSE meet their call reduction, customer self-service and customer satisfaction goals.