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Utilities cloud services


When Atoms meet Bits


Cloud engineering and automation

Deliver custom cloud solutions using cloud native development and application modernization. Read more.

Infrastructure services

Leverage hybrid cloud or reinvent your networks and workplace experience to accelerate cloud’s value. Read more.

Data on cloud

Accenture’s data transformation on cloud services and solutions utilizes data and automations to create an accessible, trusted, and modern foundation. Read more.

Cloud platforms

Move your ERP to cloud and leverage SaaS to drive performance and innovation. Read more.

SAP Cloud for utilities

Accelerating growth, delivering predictable business outcomes and fast-tracking your digital journey. Read more.

The cloud imperative for utilities

Accelerating the energy transition with cloud

Spotlight on utilities

Improving the user experience with Salesforce

ENGIE Home Services worked with Accenture to accelerate a Salesforce-powered transformation that is helping it become a customer-first organization. Read more.

Énergir’s path to decarbonization

Accenture supported Énergir in modernizing its processes, helping accelerate the realization of its corporate vision. Read more.

How we work

An unmatched ecosystem of partners

We are the leading partner for AWS, Azure and Google and the #1 co-innovator with SAP and Oracle. Our relationships can help you field any challenge.

Proven, industry-tailored cloud solutions

We work with you, drawing on the experience of 34,000+ cloud projects in nearly every industry, to build predictable, fast and secure cloud solutions.

Unparalleled talent and experience

Our cloud professionals wield more than 68,000+ certifications, combining vast industry experience with specialized, state-of-the art skillsets.

What we think

The race to cloud

Companies are reaching the inflection point to long sought value but must first overcome some persistent barriers.

Reimagining the Agenda

Unlocking the Global Pathways to Resilience, Growth, and Sustainability for 2030.

Technology vision 2022

Accenture outlines emerging utility technology trends for 2022, a year where utilities will find themselves at the intersection of many worlds.