The hidden worker: An interactive perspective

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From April to September 2021, 24 million US workers quit their jobs and almost one half of the world’s workers are considering quitting,  according to a Microsoft survey. Another survey by Qualtrics International revealed that 4 in 10 Millennial and Gen Z respondents say they would leave their job if asked to return to the physical workplace full time.

You may have seen the headlines on The Great Resignation and the need to uncover Hidden Workers, but what can companies do about talent shortages and be successful despite challenging workforce trends?

Tour Anytown, Anywhere to engage with workers and managers with stories of why flexibility and visibility are essential for attracting hidden workers and optimizing existing workforces.

Learn how Accenture & UKG can help companies achieve these goals by creating adaptive and agile workforces that are ready to successfully meet the challenges of today, tomorrow and the years to come.

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