Digital Identity

From physical to digital worlds, managing access to systems and data across the organization with end-to-end zero trust security.

Digital Identity: The what, why and how

Are you really who you claim to be?

When it comes to digital identity...

Having more doesn’t always get you more.


of companies will fundamentally change customer engagement and interaction. Digital Identity is the best defense to secure an organization.


of hacking related breaches are tied to passwords. Digital Identity can also be the weakest link.


say the cost of staying ahead of attacks is unsustainable. But more investments aren’t delivering better protection.

Why digital identity is a game changer

New SaaS digital identity solutions can reduce risk, increase efficiency, enhance compliance and accelerate business goals.


How we work

Most digital identity conversations focus on tools. We take a holistic approach to enable your initiatives to be deployed and scaled—maximizing your investment.


Our certified digital identity specialized teams can assess your current landscape and build your plan to modernize faster.


Our vendor-independent approach, innovation-driven solutions and accelerators expedite the implementation of scalable digital identity.


We run a more efficient program and use monitored and reported KPIs to track trends, behaviors for more intelligent solutions.

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Accenture's Digital Identity capabilities include four pillars to comprehensively manage access to your organization.

Digital identity modernization

Define and implement the organization’s digital identity future with a focus on modernization, enablement, risk reduction and automation.

Data-driven onboarding

Use AI and machine learning to drive automation and maximize the value of your digital identity investment.

Zero-trust and digital identity resiliency

Establish trust at scale, while detecting and preventing unusual access to data, services, software, processes and intellectual property.

Privileged access management

Secure sensitive access across the organization with privileged account credentials, strong authentication, password management and session monitoring

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What sets Accenture apart


Identity and Access Management professionals


Projects successfully delivered over the past 20 years


Certified Identity and Access Management resources


Intelligent tools, assets and accelerators


Current and previous global partner of the year for CyberArk, ForgeRock, Microsoft, Okta, One Identity and SailPoint

A passwordless enterprise journey

Despite the pace of technological change, the use of passwords has remained the same since the earliest days of computing. And yet there is strong evidence that passwords not only present a significant security risk, but also create a financial burden.

Today, there are more than 300 billion passwords being used by humans and machines worldwide, with 83% of data breaches attributed to password compromises. Along with this volume and scale, the administrative costs of password maintenance are unsurprisingly high—averaging around US$1M in annual costs per business.

Aside from helping enable organizations to operate in a more robust and resilient manner, the passwordless journey can offer an enhanced user experience—reducing the need for passwords and easing access.

A case study on how to improve user experience through identity and access management.


Discover the latest thinking in digital identity and access management.

Differentiate with Customer Identity and Access Management

How can you help your customers gain more control over their data while improving their experience? Customer Identity and Access Management.

Identity projects for zero trust roadmaps

Many of the key ingredients needed to implement zero trust security are already at your disposal. Learn more in our latest blog.

Six keys to successful access authorization

While authorization is essentially a security decision engine that must continuously adapt to the needs of the business, it is also critical in establishing a continuous, adaptive, zero-trust framework.

Do’s and don'ts of Privileged Access Management

Accenture's Ruben Viegas talks about the Do’s and Don’ts of Privileged Access Management based on his experience across multiple industries.

RBAC, you're about to get even better

Accenture discusses how to make traditional role-based access control better, stronger with AI and machine learning.

IAM is ready to drive the business—and revenue

Accenture discusses how Identity and Access Management (IAM) is ready to drive the business and revenue if digital transformation is in your roadmap.

Passwordless: the juice is well worth the squeeze

Accenture explains how to accelerate passwordless implementation to work in operational technology to improve security and safe experience.

What is zero trust security?

Zero trust security means starting from No. Accenture talks about what we’ve learned and how to get started on your zero trust journey.

Success Factors of Privileged Access Management

Accenture describes what are the common characteristics of a successful Privileged Access Management program.

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