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Intelligent supply chain

Transforming to a patient-centric supply chain


Innovate using data as an insight engine to leverage new technologies throughout the supply chain and operating model.


Connect with external parties for real-time end-to-end visibility and integrated planning and execution.


Configure the supply chain into an asset-light ecosystem that delivers effectively to enable the new patient.


Operate a service-oriented supply chain operating model that leverages a hybrid workforce to deliver the patient experience.


Optimize day-to-day operations using analytics, performance monitoring and continuous innovation to meet demands of the new healthcare ecosystem.

Getting started

Intelligent supply chain platforms (e.g. SAP)

Transforming the end-to-end supply chain to enable the digital core.

Intelligent planning

Planning and scheduling based on real-time equipment level operational visibility.

Intelligent execution/end-to-end visibility

Providing clients real- time visibility using data driven analytics-based approach.

Operating model & workforce transformation

Transforming the supply chain organization to meet the future business strategy and create a digital workforce.

Control tower

Real-time integration of internal and external data across the supply chain and assets using IoT.

Serialization (track & trace)

Enabling clients for global unique product identification and TnT requirements with a focus on ongoing business value.

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Our leaders

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