Accenture Customer Innovation Network

We help clients incubate breakthrough ideas and create innovative solutions at pace to navigate disruptive environments.

Ideas to impact

Get the best of Accenture's innovation architecture to innovate around the consumer, the patient, the traveler, the shopper and the employee.

Our team of innovators and deep industry specialists helps you explore the latest trends in the marketplace and immerse you in developing a vision for your future—all while keeping a human-centered focus and bringing to bear customized research, industry experience, analytics and emerging technologies to help you transform your business, compete in a fast-changing environment and create a plan to get there.

As part of Accenture's broader innovation network, our four centers—in Bangalore, Chicago, Milan and Singapore—specialize in a customer-centric, hands-on approach, and apply leading technologies to solve today's business problems in a collaborative physical space that fosters teamwork and inspires innovative thinking. We help clients incubate breakthrough ideas and create innovative solutions at pace to navigate disruptive environments.

Where to find us


How we do it

With our human-centered approach and experience we:


  • Gather specialists to help tackle obstacles in creating your future.
  • Bring the latest industry thought leaders, technologies and content to explore the art of the possible and INSPIRE growth.
  • Provide a hands-on environment for experimenting and learning.
  • Act as your personal trainer for innovation.
  • Create a roadmap to guide you to your future.


  • Develop INSIGHTS through customized, immersive research to help address your most pressing needs.
  • Tap into tools—social listening, consumer/ employee insights, edge analytics, store tours, thought-provoking questioning, capability assessments, introspection, human experience—in an offsite location to promote collaborative problem-solving.


  • Apply design thinking approaches to IDEATE innovative solutions that address pain points faced by end users.
  • Draw upon methods and tools such as value hacking, gamification, social innovation, breaking orthodoxies, customer journey, value chain journey.
  • Create an immersive, highly collaborative environment to stimulate open sharing of ideas.


  • Convert ideas into business IMPACT by quickly prototyping, piloting, learning and adapting
  • Help organizations create their own innovation labs and programs.
  • Use global innovation labs, agile sprints, minimal viable product and value confirmation approaches.
  • Design and build end-to-end innovation solutions to help organizations grow and succeed.

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