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Focus on the core: Trusted partner expertise and experience for flourishing digital health provision from front office to back office.


Insight Driven Health is the foundation of Accenture's innovation-led approach to more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare.

Our committed professionals create innovative solutions keeping the end consumer in mind, focusing on the health outcomes rather than organisational challenges. Patients hold the key to private healthcare success, and digital health transformation should be built around them.

We deliver strategy, digital, technology and consulting services to design and build capabilities that deliver the desired customer experience. We help you deliver the business benefits you desire without diluting your focus, through our global array of skills and expertise combined with deep local knowledge.

Our capabilities

Driving efficient back office in healthcare

Breaking convention: Focus on the back office to build efficient healthcare.

Improve standardisation through AI

Effective Healthcare AI enables standardisation, innovation and consumer-centrism.

Personalised care

Human-centred Healthcare strategy, design and delivery to meet consumers where they are.

Driving consumer and digital transformation

Key ecosystem partners keep healthcare strategies off the shelf and active in the business.

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Frictionless business in health

Whether you’re talking health outcomes, front office efficiency or back office administration, and whether you’re a healthcare consumer, provider or payer, frictionless business has tangible benefits for the Australian health system.

Getting the right service to the patient from the right channel and at the right time benefits everyone. Improvements come in terms of access, cost, quality and efficiency. In a smooth operating environment, obvious wastage is minimised and patients, clinicians and administrators exist in healthy symbiosis.

Frictionless business in healthcare

What is frictionless business?

What we think

Accenture interviewed Beyond Blue CEO Georgie Harman about mental health, which is a very large area of concern in Australia.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare CEO Barry Sandison talks about Australian health technology trends, priorities and the future.

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Case studies

Accenture partnered with Beyond Blue to propose a national solution for digital mental health solutions in Australia during COVID-19.

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Our blogs

Our experts weigh in on the latest research and trends to help deliver better patient engagement and more effective, affordable and efficient healthcare.

The consumer experience

Accenture's blog explains how AI can help providers in Australia improve patient care and hospital revenue predictability.

Scalable digital health initiatives (Part IIA)

Accenture’s blog explains three of the six capabilities that all organisations need to survive in the dynamic evolving health ecosystem.

Consumers own the future

Personalising the experience and shifting the power to the healthcare consumer.

Leadership speak

Healthcare’s Iron Triangle has traditionally meant that costs inevitably went up as access and effectiveness were improved. Kaveh Safavi explains how AI provides the first real lever which can be pulled to improve access and effectiveness, without the usual increase in cost.

Our leaders