Architect state of the art and customized cloud journeys for our financial services clients, including regulatory aspects.


By working across Accenture practices, we offer an integrated cloud plan, that covers Cloud strategy, migration and cloud management.


An ecosystem of specialists with a focus on delivery lifecycle and supporting legacy migration and decommissioning.

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Unlock the power of the cloud

Financial services firms are preparing for the future and exploring cloud’s potential. But, they are not taking full advantage of cloud’s abilities and potential. Cloud can be the foundation for a comprehensive transition for driving growth.

Cloud | The Journey to Business Growth

Accenture Financial Services Technology Advisory can help seize the opportunities offered by Cloud. See more.

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Cloud is Now

Cloud looms large. As a powerful technology and business asset, the cloud can help financial services firms deliver outstanding customer service while redirecting valuable resources to the core businesses.

The Accenture Cloud Innovation Center for Financial Services helps client firms to design, develop, test and implement innovative cloud solutions that meet their specific business needs by offering them the opportunity to:

  • Attend cloud use case demonstrations specifically targeting the Financial Services industry, and obtain assessments of related cloud solutions and their applicability to their situation
  • Access a greenfield setting for the co-creation, rapid prototyping and testing of a cloud-based solution that addresses their needs
  • Conduct integration tests with their own application landscape and “package” solutions for a scaled implementation at speed in their business operation

The Accenture Cloud Innovation Center lets you experience cloud solutions, without limits.

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