There’s AI. And then there’s Applied Intelligence.

Leveraging AI in pockets across your business has the power to bring new outcomes—from gains in efficiency to productivity. But what if you could transform every aspect of your business and your industry at large?

Businesses struggle to realize the full value of their AI projects because they can’t move away from proofs of concept. Our latest research shows that organizations scaling AI effectively are seeing up to 3X the return on their investments, compared to non-scalers. That’s where Applied Intelligence comes in. It’s our unique approach to combining AI with data, analytics and automation under a strategic vision to scale AI and transform business—across every function and process.

Applied Intelligence has the roadmap to maximize existing investments and extend new technologies across your business. With deep AI experts and data scientists, plus the flexibility to work with almost any technology partner, we can help you evaluate, maximize and scale opportunities as they arise.

Industrialize AI with Applied Intelligence

Learn how scaling AI can help unlock new value to transform your business and industry, at large.

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Make your AI vision a reality

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be a hot topic today, but to create real value with this technology, you need Applied Intelligence. To transform businesses, we bring together the powers of AI, analytics and automation under a strategic vision.

Watch our AI experts Amit Bansal and Mary Sabin discuss key elements to turn your AI investments into value-generating innovations. Learn how to scale AI across your business, deliver real value and build the future workforce. With these elements combined, you can harness the transformative power of AI.

Explore how Applied Intelligence can help you prepare your business for tomorrow, today.

Deliver value through AI

Create value through AI with these key elements.

Scale your AI strategy

Learn how to implement AI at scale.

Build the future workforce

Empower your workforce to do more with AI.

Scale AI responsibly

Responsible AI is the practice of designing, building and deploying AI in a manner that empowers people and businesses, and fairly impacts customers and society – allowing companies to engender trust and scale AI with confidence. However, there is still uncertainty around what Responsible AI looks like in practice. In fact, according to our global research, nearly 88% of people surveyed lack confidence in AI-based decisions. So, as the potential of AI continues to grow, we need to dispel fears, mitigate risk, and empower leaders to embrace AI with more optimism and confidence.

We believe that effectively leveraging AI at scale requires much more than technology alone. It requires an interdisciplinary, innovation-friendly approach, with the right governance structure, where humans and machines can collaborate to help ensure systems are trustworthy, explainable and anchored in core ethical values. All helping to drive better, more reliable decisions.

What is Responsible AI?

Responsible AI addresses the gap in making the artificial intelligence systems more transparent, reliable, and interpretable so that organizational and societal issues of fairness, bias, legal compliance, and ethics can be addressed methodically.

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Speed to outcomes with AIP+

AIP+ is designed to plug into your business and work with your existing assets and native cloud service providers (CSPs) to help you rapidly innovate and scale with confidence. As an easy-to-use collection of pre-built, modular services and capabilities, AIP+ helps you access and implement solutions that accelerate innovation across functions and drive down costs – getting you to outcomes faster.

Speed to intelligence
Automated integration of data–including real-time data at the edge–to create a single source of truth for your business.

Speed to confidence
Data governance services, capabilities and ongoing updates to support GDPR, CCPA and other data governance needs.

Speed to value
Flexible components that work with existing technology for a seamless experience and cost savings.

Speed to scale
Prebuilt, customizable solutions designed to plug into and across the enterprise.

Case studies

What happens when you bring an intelligent assistant to one of the oldest newspapers in Italy?

The motorcycle brand uses analytics and machine learning to help each bike improve with every race.

We proved that a quantum molecule comparison app could improve Biogen's time to market and cost savings.

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These are just a few of the more than 100 alliances we share with technology and academic leaders. Our ongoing joint ventures help you get the most out of your existing analytics and AI investments by working with virtually any technology partner.

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