In brief

In brief

  • Accenture’s annual global survey of consumers and business and information technology execs revealed five key tech trends influencing priorities.
  • Leading in the future based on these trends, businesses must evolve tech-driven models with a human-centered, collaborative approach to build trust.
  • Accenture and Oracle are co-creating a new way forward with clients, building trust on a solid technology foundation with the human spirit in mind.
  • Oracle Cloud provides an agile technology platform for enabling data-driven innovation and deeper experiences with digital trust.

Better together: Putting the us in trust

The Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle 2020 is our annual forecast of technology innovation. This year’s vision is all about us—as post-digital people working in concert with technology and each other through trust to drive innovation with greater value.

Our vision outlines a human-centered approach for responsibly evolving tech-driven business models to address people’s needs and expectations in alignment with their values. Companies must evolve their models in a more responsible way through trust as a basis for competitive differentiation and growth.

COVID-19 has escalated this business priority, revealing both strengths and weaknesses across the digital landscape. To help transform this vision into reality for our clients today, Accenture is partnering with Oracle to deliver innovative cloud solutions at scale and speed with digital trust. In this Technology Vision, you can learn how agile and resilient leaders are co-creating success in their industries with Accenture and Oracle.

Given the starring role technology is playing in our lives, we’re taking it rather personally and expecting much more from it going forward.

Embracing five key technology trends

To truly bring a human touch to the next decade, the new technology-based business models that enterprises build must be rooted in collaboration. As technology’s level of impact on society grows, successful businesses will leverage these new models to build trusted relationships. Our team of co-authors explores the five key post-digital trends that are unfolding and how they are shaping businesses toward this end.

Learn how Accenture and Oracle are collaborating with clients to turn this vision into a reality based on these trends:

The I in Experience: Choose your own adventure
Accenture is enabling businesses for collaboration with both their employees and customers. Oracle Customer Experience Cloud suite enables the delivery of connected experiences through connected data and intelligence.

AI and Me: Reimagine the business through human and AI collaboration
Accenture and Oracle are helping enterprises evolve the full scope of human and artificial intelligence (AI) collaboration capabilities beyond automation as an agent for change. And the AI-infused Oracle Autonomous Database delivers self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing cloud services for database management.

The Dilemma of Smart Things: Overcome the “beta burden”
Accenture is working with Oracle to turn customers into partners based on trust, mutual benefit and opportunity for change and continuous enhancement as things live on in today’s new reality of product ownership. Delivering applications via a subscription-based cloud model enables Oracle to continuously evolve its offerings for customers with new capabilities and better features.

Robots in the Wild: Grow the enterprise’s reach—and responsibility
Oracle has delved into robotics, helping to push out the path as the potential benefits seen in manufacturing and adjacent industries are becoming available to more companies. Oracle Cloud applications are enabled for autonomous systems with internet of things, blockchain, machine learning and AI already integrated.

Innovation DNA: Create an engine for continuous innovation
Accenture and Oracle are collaborating with clients, who are leaders in their industries, to define and enable new ways of working. Accenture myConcerto for Oracle provides the insight-driven, digitally integrated platform to help enable and power that innovation.

Leading in the future

Businesses must rethink their core assumptions about how the enterprise works and redefine the intersection between people and technology through trust-based relationships.


of business and IT execs acknowledge that technology has become an inextricable part of the human experience.


of execs agree, organizations need to dramatically reengineer experiences that bring technology and people together in a more human-centric manner.

Into the New we go—together

Successfully collaborating with our clients to address their evolving business needs on a truly human foundation of trust begins and continues with careful listening and empathy. With the foundational Accenture myConcerto for Oracle platform, Accenture meets clients where they are on their cloud journey. Oracle Cloud is purpose-built for enabling and powering the journey forward, providing an agile and scalable technology platform for continuous data-driven innovation with digital trust.

About the Authors

Nish Patel

Managing Director – Oracle Business Group, North America

Neha Lamba

Senior Manager – Oracle Business Group​

Cody Fincher

Senior Manager – Accenture Enkitec Group

Ian Staff

Manager – Oracle Business Group

Faisal Siddiqui

Managing Director – Oracle Business Group​

Steve Foster

Managing Director – Oracle Business Group


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