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Zero-based Supply Chain: Accelerating COVID-19 recovery

July 1, 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains everywhere

Pressure will increase to manage supply chain costs

Building resiliency in the zero-based supply chain

What to expect in the Never Normal supply chain

Changing consumer behavior will affect what, where and how goods and services are delivered amid social distancing and move to online ordering.

More unprecedented events are expected, demanding a more reliable and flexible supply chain to shift in response to changing impacts across the supply ecosystem.

Cost structures will move from more fixed to more variable, with investments in accelerating digital transformation and investing in areas to build ability.

Visibility and analytics will be essential for companies to focus efforts, drive scenario planning, and rapidly respond to changing consumer demand.

Case study: Driving visibility and value in healthcare

One healthcare player struggled with clinical expenses as pressures increased on payments for services and costs steadily rose.


ZBSC was leveraged to drive visibility and target value. As a result, administrative, production, and operational performance gaps were identified across 300+ practices, identifying 3%+ in EBITDA impact in less than 10 weeks.


The effort played out at the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Accenture rapidly completed dashboards to create deep visibility for the leadership to understand the overall utilization landscape. This helped them swiftly adjust staffing to meet all needs and manage total costs during the pandemic and beyond.

Preparing for uncertainty

Amp up on-demand visibility:

  • Build a robust mechanism to understand demand patterns
  • Create on-demand visibility for scenario planning
  • Establish an intelligent control and monitoring capability

Rethink costs:

  • Begin thinking about "should-cost" models
  • Challenge historical costs in the Never Normal
  • Focus on changing organizational mindset on must-have versus nice-to-have capabilities

Supercharge ecosystems – Establish ecosystem and digital capabilities to go asset-light:

  • Ramp up the digitization of capabilities across the ecosystem, allowing cost to be more variable and on-demand
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