In this unprecedented period of technology innovation where data, analytics and artificial intelligence are completely changing our understanding of disease, wellness and patient outcomes, life sciences commercial organizations should embrace artificial intelligence (AI) as a co-worker, collaborator, trusted advisor and enabler of more rapid response to patients’ and healthcare ecosystems' needs.

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Four applications in commercial

Artificial intelligence can significantly accelerate growth, profitability and sustainability for businesses on the commercial side of the life sciences industry.

Intelligent Automation

Automates time-intensive/redundant tasks to drive increased profitability

Enhanced judgement

Augment human decision-making and drive growth by improving the quality and efficiency of business intelligence

Enhanced interaction

Deliver superior customer experiences through dynamic brand interactions, personalization and real-time content

Intelligent products

Accelerate growth by creating intelligent/digital therapeutics

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Overcoming barriers & building foundations

Many life sciences companies perceive the application of AI to their business as a huge undertaking, involving broad-based transformation. That's at odds with what we have seen. In fact, our experience shows that the best way to capitalize on AI's potential is to start small, with highly targeted use cases as outlined.

We have identified a few general principles which can serve as guideposts when you embark on your AI journey:

  • Ensure you have senior sponsors, appropriate budget and a task force
  • Accept the fact that "failure is an option"
  • Have enough data to draw conclusions / generate recommendations
  • Know precisely what questions you would like your computer model to answer and what are the actions / next steps that can be taken once you know the answers

Download the full report to see all 8 guideposts and to see examples of how AI can be used in commercial operations, marketing operations, sales operations, and patient engagement.

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Floren Robinson Pressman

Managing Director – Life Sciences

Krupa Nobile

Senior Manager – Life Sciences


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