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Will health systems lead the way or lose the edge?

December 15, 2021

In brief

At a fork in the road

Leaders see writing on the wall

The more that leaders align around what the health system of the future looks like, the more competitive they can be.

Misalignment among leaders

Believing one thing, doing another

Seventy-nine percent of health system leaders—and 85% of CEOs specifically—see substantial or transformative change ahead.

Making a tough competitive landscape tougher

Take action: From new rules to new rewards

1. Rally around human-centered experience.

There is opportunity to shift from traditional views of patient experience—improving access to drive revenue—to truly reimagining every aspect of the patient journey around individuals.

2. Improve understanding of value.

Health systems can offer intuitive, Amazon-like shopping experiences so patients can make informed decisions. This can include combining transparent cost, quality - information all in one place.

Prepare now for tectonic, intelligence-driven transformation.

The ability to abstract data and processing to the cloud supports predictive visibility into patients’ individual clinical journeys, which is a game changer.

Jean-Pierre Stephan

Health, Provider Lead

Jean-Pierre is passionate about dramatically improving the way individuals experience health and healthcare.