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We’re committed to bringing innovation to improve the way Australia lives, works, plays and grows. And that means partnering with some of our most iconic Australian organisations such as Rugby Australia.

We are particularly proud to support Rugby Australia in promoting inclusive environments and diverse thinking, while driving high performance and greater insight with the use of analytics.


These days, stats are the lifeblood of any sports team. That’s why we’re working with Rugby Australia from the Wallabies, Wallaroos and Rugby 7’s, to drive greater insights into on and off-field performance. We’ve analysed and converted over 10 years of rugby data for 18,617 players, 764 teams across 12,867 rugby games into one intuitive tool to give Rugby Australia a competitive advantage.

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This is how we did it

A clear plan of attack

Combining our technical, strategic and creative expertise, Accenture has developed a comprehensive 5 year plan that will see Rugby Australia drive the most out of their data assets.

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Powering up the Scrum

How can Rugby Australia boost their power where they need it most? With 360 degrees of detailed analysis for every players’ performance.

Untrap new data

Selecting the right team

We give Rugby Australia coaches the inside information on more than 18,000 players and their performance over 10 years. They can compare players at the touch of a button and get an instant visualisation of how they stack up against each other, over time.

Discover with New Science

Selecting the right team

Helping Rugby Australia create a data-native culture by putting analytics at the heart of the conversation and designing for humans. We help decode and demystify data so coaches and employees can seamlessly access, adopt and apply analytics to drive more intelligent outcomes.

Define New Ways of Working

The agile edge

Rugby’s a game of heart and passion. With a focus on delivering speed-to-value, we’re embedding analytics at the core Rugby Australia’s business so they’re poised for ongoing success on and off the field.

Operate with new agility

Diversity goes
the distance

Rugby ignites people by encompassing the spirit of inclusiveness, fun, respect, diversity and support. Accenture shares these cultural and core values and understands that a diverse and inclusive workforce fosters an innovative, collaborative and high energy environment.

We know that organisations that reflect the communities they serve are better able to understand, connect and appeal to their customer base. We also know that inclusive teams make better business decisions.


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