Become part of customers’ daily digital lives. Provide them with connected and relevant experiences across home, entertainment, shopping, social, gaming – all orchestrated through data and ecosystem partnerships.

The time is now

Business-to-consumer (B2C) growth for CSPs is being challenged on multiple fronts. There are internal structural challenges like legacy operations. Then there are external pressures such as customers wanting more and the emergence of new marketplace interlopers.

The uptake in digital services and consumers’ renewed trust in CSPs to keep them connected has given them a new lease to deliver more.

Getting to enhanced B2C

A Connected Consumer Platform strategy helps CSPs better understand customers and fulfill their needs. It will help identify them the new services customers want, make them hyper-relevant and even become more attractive to ecosystem partners.

At the core of all this is data which is now a tradable asset. For CSPs to leverage it effectively, there must be a shift in focus from consumer reach and continued platform adoption. We call this ‘enhanced B2C’.

Embrace the customer lifestyle and reap the rewards

Assume a central role in consumers’ digital routine and provide them with a superior experience across all channels and devices.

In this model, CSPs approach the business and technology simultaneously, with the same end-goal: reach. This includes users, advertisers, partners and more --all while reducing ARPU and modernizing systems to create a continuously evolving value chain.

Connected Consumer Platforms reach-based model: Emphasize service adoption and transactions for higher long-term value.

The Connected Consumer Platform

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