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Our leaders

Julie Sweet

Chair & CEO

Muqsit Ashraf

Group Chief Executive – Strategy

Jack Azagury

Group Chief Executive – Consulting

Arjun Bedi

Lead – Diamond Client Leadership Council

Omar Boulos

Market Unit Lead – Middle East

Andrea Brueckner

Lead – Corporate Functions Reinvention

Peter Burns

Market Unit Lead – Australia & New Zealand

Arundhati Chakraborty

Global Lead – Delivery and Transformation, Operations

Karalee Close

Global Lead – Talent & Organization

John Crosthwait

Market Unit Lead – US West

James Crowley

Global Products Industry Practices Chair

Paolo Dal Cin

Global Lead – Accenture Security

Paul Daugherty

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Jason Dess

Lead – CFO & Enterprise Value

David Droga

Chief Executive Officer – Accenture Song

Atsushi Egawa

Market Unit Lead – Japan

Rodolfo Eschenbach

Market Unit Lead – Latin America

Steve Ferneyhough

Chief Strategic Accounts and Global Sales Officer

Leonardo Framil

CEO – Growth Markets

Bhaskar Ghosh

Chief Strategy Officer

Olivier Girard

Market Unit Lead – Gallia

Lan Guan

Chief AI Officer

Takaaki Haraguchi

Client Account Lead – Growth Markets

Stuart Henderson

Market Unit Lead – US Northeast

Dyllis Hesse

Client Account Lead – North America

Shiv Iyer

Market Unit Lead – US Midwest

Stephanie Jamison

Global Resources Industry Practices Chair & Sustainability Services Lead

Jill Kramer

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Sean Lyons

Global Lead, Practices

Mauro Macchi

Market Unit Lead – ICEG

KC McClure

Chief Financial Officer

Kaushal Mody

Chief Assets and Solutions Officer

Karthik Narain

Group Chief Executive – Technology

Ryan Oakes

Global Health & Public Service Industry Practices Chair

Jean-Marc Ollagnier


Kathleen O’Reilly

Global Communications, Media and Technology Industry Practices Chair

David Parker

Global Financial Services Industry Practices Chair

Christina Raab

Market Unit Lead – ASG

Senthil Ramani

Global Lead – Data & AI

Marty Rodgers

Market Unit Lead – US South

Shaheen Sayed

Market Unit Lead – UKIA

Manish Sharma

Chief Executive Officer – North America

Ellyn Shook

Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer

Nigel Stacey

Global Lead – Industry X

Andy Tay

Global Lead – Cloud First

Yusuf Tayob

Group Chief Executive – Operations

Kris Timmermans

Lead – Supply Chain & Operations

Joel Unruch

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Nicole van Det

Client Account Lead – EMEA

John Walsh

Chief Operating Officer

Marco Ziegler

Lead – Office of the Chair and CEO

Mahesh V. Zurale

Global Lead – Advanced Technology Centers Global Network and Lead – Advanced Technology Centers, India