Quantum computing services

Are you ready for the quantum future? The time to explore and experiment is now.

"Quantum computing has the potential to be seismically disruptive, providing a new wave of opportunity for all businesses."

— MARC CARREL-BILLIARD, Lead – Technology Innovation & Accenture Labs

Get your business ready for the quantum future

Quantum technology is rapidly advancing. Forward-thinking companies are already experimenting with cloud-based and hybrid quantum computing, positioning themselves to capitalize on the unique and powerful innovations that quantum will unleash.

Business leaders who understand the potential ramifications of this game-changing technology—what it means on an industry and organization level—are already moving ahead.


Prepare for the quantum impact

Develop a business and IT strategy that will enable quantum innovation at speed and scale. Our report lays out four initial steps to take that will help you plan your journey.


Quantum computing in action

Quantum Computing for Smart Crop Growth

Quantum Enhanced Supply Chain Optimization

Quantum Enhanced Radiotherapy

What we think

The emergence of quantum technology and how it will transform communications, cybersecurity and the Internet.

Accenture Research surveyed 250 leaders from major companies in or around NYC to get a pulse on Quantum adoption and its future economic opportunity.

The power of quantum computing is massive. Cryptographic methods will undergo a seismic revolution. Prepare now to mitigate quantum computing attacks.

Quantum computing solves complex problems in novel ways. Experimenting today will help you capitalize on quantum opportunities tomorrow.

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Accenture Labs’ Malek Ben Salem has answers

Case studies

BBVA, a multinational financial services company, wanted to explore the use of quantum computing. Accenture was ideally positioned to assist.

Accenture Labs works with Biogen to apply quantum computing to accelerate drug discovery.

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Our Technology Innovation Blog provides bold thinking and commentary of technologies that address the key business challenges facing organizations today.

Countdown to crypto-agility

Cryptography is the essential but often overlooked foundation for how companies conduct transactions securely over the Internet.

How quantum is changing enterprise compute

To solve real-world business problems at scale, quantum computing needs to be much more tightly integrated into the enterprise infrastructure.

How to build a quantum computing workforce

Accenture's blog explains how to build a quantum computing workforce as it has the potential power to close the talent gap.

Building the quantum future

Accenture blog discusses about Quantum Computing. Learn more on how Accenture is working on quantum research.


Accenture and IonQ collaborate to accelerate quantum computing into the enterprise

Multi-year, strategic relationship to help enterprises explore how quantum computing will transform their businesses and industries.

Accenture pushes deeper into quantum computing

July 31, 2019 – We see quantum computing as a technology that has potential applicability across the board for many of our customers.

Accenture awarded second U.S. patent for quantum computing

July 1, 2019 – Patent is for a machine learning module that selects quantum or classical computing for optimal business outcomes.

Accenture Labs and 1QBit work with Biogen to apply quantum computing to accelerate drug discovery

June 14, 2017 – We helped develop a quantum-enabled molecular comparison application to speed up drug discovery for neurological conditions.

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