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Modernize and transform your data foundation on cloud

June 23, 2021


In brief

A modern data foundation has three characteristics:

Modern data engineering

Data sources, acquisition, curation and provisioning

AI-assisted data governance

Metadata management, data trust, compliance and protection

Data democratization

Information access, self-service, data sharing, artificial intelligence models and business intelligence system

1. Set the stage

Assess current data maturity and capability, develop a data strategy aligned with business, select cloud services, develop architecture and roadmap.

2. Make the move (Migrate & modernize)

Stand up cloud services, build data foundation, migrate, as needed, from on-prem, build new data products.

3. Operate & optimize

Automate data governance, infuse AI/ML into data management, automate processes for data operation (dev ops/sec ops).

About the Authors

Lan Guan

Lead, Cloud First – Data & AI

Teresa Tung

Managing Director – Global CTO, Cloud First, Data & AI

Dhiraj Bansal

Growth & Offering Lead – Cloud First, Data & AI

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