Call for change

Del Monte Foods, one of the top two businesses in a highly competitive packaged foods market, saw growth in their category slowing.

To stand out in a tightening market, keep pace with evolving customer expectations and prepare for the next phase of growth, Del Monte Foods started the journey into the future by transforming IT infrastructure and transitioning to the public cloud.

“We can now deploy resources to work on the most important things, which are developing new products for our customers.”

– CHAD ANDERSON, CIO – Del Monte Foods

When tech meets human ingenuity

A fresh approach to operations

With our help, Del Monte Foods moved 200 servers—including 50 complex SAP workloads—to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in less than four months.

From increased operational agility to streamlined business processes, Del Monte Foods’ employees now enjoy the benefits of operating in the public cloud. The ongoing standardization and automation of IT support services has reduced infrastructure-provisioning time, enabling Del Monte Foods to resolve IT issues in hours instead of weeks or months, and company leaders have more visibility into IT operations and spend than before.

We achieved a seamless transition

“Our vision was to make technology operations as efficient and scalable as possible.”

– CHAD ANDERSON, CIO – Del Monte Foods




Complex workloads


In less than four months

A valuable difference

A new era of innovation

While this transformation has had immediate operational benefits, it’s the long-term opportunities that are exciting for Del Monte Foods.

Del Monte Foods now has the flexibility to scale up its IT operations and can meet changes to demand across its yearly business cycle.

They’ve also been able to move away from making significant investments in ongoing operating expenditures. As a result, they have savings that can be put toward the company’s growth strategy.

All of these advantages are making Del Monte Foods future-ready and laying the foundation for a new era of modern growth and IT innovation.

“We can support our end users in a faster more live context, which allows us to be more innovative in our food industry.”

– PJ BALSLEY, IT Director – Del Monte Foods

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