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IT Customer Service Representative

Job Location: Pretoria

Regional Description: South Africa

Job Number: 00536469


- Job description



The First Tier Customer Service Representative will:

·      Act as the first point of contact for BAS System Controllers when they experience problems that cannot be resolved at the department. The main focus will be on inbound communication via telephone calls, e-mail requests, web requests or fax requests received from the departments.

·      Be responsible to log requests, attempt first line resolution of requests or forward requests to the second line of support for further investigation. 




·         Acting as a first line of contact for the Application Support team.  Promptly answer and conclude telephone calls by ensuring queue time of less than 60 seconds and an abandon rate of less than 5%.

·         Ensure that requests received via the telephone, e-mail, web or fax, are logged promptly and with sufficient information to facilitate problem resolution.

·         Support the users in the effective use of BAS and assist them to manage the problems experienced.  Aim is to resolve 10% of issues at first tier level. 

·         All requests that cannot be resolved at first tier should be forwarded to the second tier for further investigation.

·         Attend to user enquiries and ensure that requests reflect necessary information.

·         Re-route all unidentified calls meant for other transversal contact centres via official channels.

·         Support the users in the effective use of BAS and address system related issues.

·         Set up and facilitate all communication (inbound and outbound) e.g. system related messages, user satisfaction surveys, user enquiries and status calls.

·         Provide on the job functional training in all business areas provided by BAS.

·         Have an overall understanding of activities related to BAS at the departments and to highlight risk areas to the First Tier Supervisor.

·         Understand how other systems utilised by the department (e.g. PERSAL) impacts the BAS and financial activities at the department.

·         Systematically collect information about the user needs, problems and suggestions/workarounds and include in the weekly status report to the First Tier Supervisor.


Administration Responsibilities:

·         Weekly administrative duties need to be performed:

·         completion of client attendance register;

·         turnaround reflecting hours worked; and

·         status report to Team Leader.

·         Bi-monthly administrative duties need to be performed:

·         Time report reflecting hours worked.

·           Monthly administrative duties need to be performed:

·         DG statistics

·         Service Performance Reports

·           Quartely administrative duties need to be performed:

·         Service Attainment Reports


Supervision Responsibilities:

·         No supervision of resources is required.


OTHER FEATURES OF THE JOB (e.g., location, travelling, shift hours, etc.):


·         Overtime when required (must be pre-approved).

·         Open plan office.

·         Professionalism.

·         The use of Contact Centre equipment (e.g. headsets) will be required.




·         Accounting skills (at least 1 year tertiary education).

·         Good understanding of financial processes e.g. budget cycle, debt management, payment cycle, revenue collection, month-end and financial year-end processes.

·         Strong problem solving ability.

·         Probing and good listening skills.

·         Ability to work independently, without constant supervision.

·         Ability to make decisions.

·         Good oral communication skills.

·         Good interpersonal skills.  Must be able to build professional relationships with client and user community.

·         Time management skills.

·         Basic quality management skills.

·         PC literate and experience in MS products (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

·         Good typing skills.

·         Customer care / call centre skills.



·      3 year tertiary qualification related to accounting or technology is required e.g. National Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting or National Diploma in Information Technology or Call Centre Qualification. Required Accounting Background. 

·       Grade 12 with Accounting.

·      Minimum 2 years working experience in a finance or call centre environment.


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