I was born at six months premature, with a cyst in my lung. Of course, I don’t remember it, but I sort of feel it. My sister, she always tells me how she could see my heartbeat in my chest. And that just makes me more grateful for all the doctors did. Because, at the end of the day, I could not be here.

I really was given a chance at life. And that’s why I’ll never waste it. I am so lucky. I have a family that means everything to me. A culture that means everything. I can cook. I can travel. I can try again, even when things don’t go my way first time. The world is my oyster. And every experience I’ve ever and will have is a part of who I am.

Lauren's identity story

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Naomi's identity story

My dad died when I was four. My mum, she didn’t have a job. Growing up poor, you don’t feel like you have choices. But you do. We all do. Read more.

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