Gender Equality

Creating a culture of equality in the workplace

When it comes to workplace culture, a perception gap exists between what leaders say they are doing and what employees experience.

Bring everyone in, lift everyone up

3 Question with Ellyn Shook on a culture of equality

Our People, Our Culture of Equality

We celebrated our 16th annual International Women’s Day in 2020 knowing that if people are recognized as being multidimensional individuals and feel a sense of belonging, they are empowered to innovate more.

Watch Ellyn Shook, our Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer, discuss the importance of creating a culture of equality where everyone belongs.

Hear our people share how it feels to work in a culture of equality.

Getting to equal

We believe the future workforce is an equal one and set bold goals to accelerate gender equality. Today, more than 215,000 women work at Accenture. Additionally, 42% of our board of directors and 27% of our global management committee are women.


of new hires are women


of revenue producing roles are held by women.


of promotions are women


of our executives are women.


of our global management committee are women


of managing directors are women

How we're getting to 50/50

We have set bold goals to achieve a gender-balanced workforce by 2025. This means a workforce that is equally 50 percent women and 50 percent men for those whose gender is binary.

Working flexibly

Our employees can set their start and finish times or work more hours over fewer days. They can telecommute, and we offer part-time arrangements.

Getting connected

We have hundreds of employee networks around the globe that enable our people to build connections and develop support systems.

Developing every day

100 percent of our people are mentored and participate in mentoring and personal development programs.

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Our thinking on gender equality

Disability Inclusion

Our blueprint for disability inclusion outlines actions executives can take to raise the engagement of persons with disabilities in the workforce. Read more.

Getting to equal

Accenture's new gender equality report explains perceptions on inclusive workplace culture & how leaders can drive a culture of equality. Read more.

The hidden value of culture makers

2020 Getting to Equal research discusses workplace culture perception gaps and leaders who drive change. Read more.

Equality drives innovation

2019 Getting to Equal research discusses how a culture of equality is a multiplier of innovation and growth. Read more.

When she rises, we all rise

2018 Getting to Equal research identifies 40 factors that help drive equality. Read more.

Resetting tech culture

Inclusive culture is key to retaining women in tech roles. Our research reveals 5 strategies to keep women in tech. Read more.

Spotlight on young leaders

Creating a culture of equality enables young women and men to advance and thrive. Read more.

Closing the pay gap

Getting to Equal 2017 research reveals how organizations can close the gender pay gap and drive equality. Read more.

Motherhood and ambition

Ambition is thriving for working mothers—and digital plays a key role. Read more.

Women on the fast-track

Fast-track strategies can act as a road map to develop your career more effectively. Read more.

Cracking the gender code

3 key actions to increase the number of women in computing. Read more.

Getting to equal 2016

Digital fluency, embracing digital technologies, helps close the gender gap. Read more.

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