To help create a truly transformed Accenture that lives and breathes our transformation credentials. To help create an enabling working environment, a diverse and inclusive Accenture for ALL our employees.

Our commitment to equality & transformation

This Level 1 B-BBEE rating, achieved through the consistent efforts of all of our employees and leaders, makes us extremely proud. We are committed to building a sustainable economy in which all South Africans can participate meaningfully. We know this is critical to South Africa’s growth and our own success in this country. We also know there is more to be done.

Our commitment to equality and transformation reaches beyond economic empowerment—it is driven by our global ambition to be the most inclusive and diverse company in the world.

Empowerment at our core

At a company level, we have met and exceeded many of our own B-BBEE and diversity goals. Accenture is 30 percent black-owned and 15.9 percent black women-owned through equity shareholding by the broad-based fully black-owned Akha Trust.


Black-owned and 15.9% Black Woman-owned through Akha Trust


Black representation at board level


Spent on training for black employees and learners with disability in FY21.


spend with black-owned suppliers (targeting 50%)


spend with black women-owned suppliers (exceeding our 12% target)


of employees are black, of which, 30% are black female employees.

Our empowerment initiatives target the greatest benefits

Our empowerment initiatives target the greatest benefits for previously disadvantaged citizens, focussing on skills development, socioeconomic development, and supplier and enterprise development.

Socio-economic development

Achieved 4,69% against the 1.00% Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) target.

Skills development

Over R142 million invested over 3 years

Skills to succeed

We address the need for skills that open doors to employment & economic opportunity, 16 393 youth skilled in ICT & 85% conversion rate.

>200 University scholarships since 2001

In 2020, 25 students were awarded full degree scholarships at 6 universities

Employability cadet programme

This 3-year programme benefits 29 learners living with disability

Enterprise & supplier development

Our spend exceeded our 3.00% Net Profit After Tax target for FY20 by 15, 11% (achieved 18,11% )

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Inclusion means equality

The diversity of our people is what makes Accenture exceptional. We recognise each person’s unique strengths & by embracing them, we deliver high performance together. Inclusion & diversity are fundamental to our culture and core values at Accenture.

Total promotes for FY21

71% are Black, as defined by the BBBEE Act (African, Coloured, Indian), and 52% are female.

Increase the representation of

African Black colleagues from 45% to 68%; and representation of Coloured colleagues from 6% to 10%.

Increase the representation of

African Black, Coloured and Indian managing directors from 39% to 70%, with a specific focus on African Black and Coloured representation.

Increase the representation of

Female managing directors from 28% to 50% by 2025.

Increase the representation of

People with disabilities from 0.8% to 2%.

A gender-balanced workforce by 2025

Women represent 51% of our South Africa workforce and 18% of our managing directors, helping us on the path to achieving gender-balance globally by 2025.

Unconscious bias training

450,000 have taken, now mandatory for all employees

Employee benefits

Identical benefits to same-sex and opposite-sex partners where law permits

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This world belongs to all of us

At Accenture, we are proud of our inclusive culture and we are proud to take a stand. We have a zero-tolerance policy toward discrimination of any kind. We invite you to take a stand with us. Because when you do what’s right, you change the world.

Our future. In our hands.

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