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Accenture’s commitment to transformation through Inclusion & Diversity

To help create a truly transformed Accenture that lives and breathes our transformation credentials. To help create an enabling working environment, a diverse and inclusive Accenture for ALL our employees.

Our commitment to equality & transformation

Empowerment at our core


Black-owned and 15.9% Black Woman-owned through Akha Trust


Black representation at board level


Spent on training for black employees and learners with disability in FY21.


spend with black-owned suppliers (targeting 50%)


spend with black women-owned suppliers (exceeding our 12% target)


of employees are black, of which, 30% are black female employees.

Our empowerment initiatives target the greatest benefits

Socio-economic development

Achieved 4,69% against the 1.00% Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) target.

Skills development

Over R142 million invested over 3 years

Skills to succeed

We address the need for skills that open doors to employment & economic opportunity, 16 393 youth skilled in ICT & 85% conversion rate.

>200 University scholarships since 2001

In 2020, 25 students were awarded full degree scholarships at 6 universities

Employability cadet programme

This 3-year programme benefits 29 learners living with disability

Enterprise & supplier development

Our spend exceeded our 3.00% Net Profit After Tax target for FY20 by 15, 11% (achieved 18,11% )

Inclusion means equality

Total promotes for FY21

71% are Black, as defined by the BBBEE Act (African, Coloured, Indian), and 52% are female.

Increase the representation of

African Black colleagues from 45% to 68%; and representation of Coloured colleagues from 6% to 10%.

Increase the representation of

African Black, Coloured and Indian managing directors from 39% to 70%, with a specific focus on African Black and Coloured representation.

Increase the representation of

Female managing directors from 28% to 50% by 2025.

Increase the representation of

People with disabilities from 0.8% to 2%.

A gender-balanced workforce by 2025

Women represent 51% of our South Africa workforce and 18% of our managing directors, helping us on the path to achieving gender-balance globally by 2025.

Unconscious bias training

450,000 have taken, now mandatory for all employees

Employee benefits

Identical benefits to same-sex and opposite-sex partners where law permits

This world belongs to all of us

Meet the team

Vukani Mngxati

CEO – Accenture Africa

Khethiwe Nkuna

Responsible Business Executive

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