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Skills to Succeed South Africa

Improving lives through skills development

Skills to Succeed South Africa

Skills development


Skills to Succeed programme is launched.


Skills to succeed equipped people globally to make substantive improvements to their lives.


In 2020 alone, Skills to Succeed, has helped transform lives.


disadvantaged youth skilled with sought after ICT skills from 2015 to 2020.


Invested since 2015 by Accenture South Africa, in strategic partnerships to scale S2S initiatives.

Our commitment

Our Skills to Succeed (S2S) initiative is about entrepreneurship, skills development, and job opportunities. We empower people to participate in a more economically inclusive world.

Societal response

Our response to Covid-19 and beyond


Invested in South Africa to beat Covid-19 and strengthen society.


Donated to the South African Solidarity Fund.


Contributed to community-related NGOs and Skills to Succeed partners.


Contributed to combat vaccine hesitance.


Donated to AMREF Health Africa.

Our R80 million Covid-19 response strengthens society. It also supports our Skills to Succeed goals—opening the doors to employment and economic participation among our youth.

Responsible citizen

Our partners and projects

National Council of and for People with Disabilities has relied on fundraisers for its organization. Accenture helped NCPD achieve record success by digitising their campaigns.

Quirky30 founded by two former inmates as a disruptive solution and a pathway out of poverty, teaches digital literacy, coding and entrepreneurship skills to unemployed and disadvantaged youth.

Southern Africa Youth Projects, provides access to technology, education, health, humanitarian, entrepreneurship training and employment services to youth in disadvantaged townships.

Mentec Foundation trains young people in townships and rural South Africa, developing African ICT digital artisans by introducing ERP training, ICT innovation and live experience.

Global Opportunity Youth Network help youth grow their skills and profiles to access more opportunities and find sustainable and meaningful livelihoods in South Africa.

GirlCode recognises the inherent gender bias in the technology sector. Accenture has partnered with GirlCode to train unemployed female graduates with a goal to get them into formal employment.

The Joburg Centre for Software Engineering aims to grow skilled capacity in South Africa’s ICT Sector. With support from Accenture, JCSE is upskilling young South Africans.

Empowering and accelerating career development

Skills to Succeed programmes

Accenture has launched an initiative in partnership with Salesforce and CapaCiti South Africa. In this joint initiative,trainees will gain technical as well as broader business skills.

Accenture Development Partnerships brings global capabilities to address complex social issues impacting the developing world. ADP has relationships with more than 20 multinational corporations.

Accenture a contributor to Aurum, a health organisation that bridges the worlds of research, policy and implementation for impact. The Aurum project also supports Accenture’s Skills to Succeed initiative.

Youth Health Africa is a youth development and empowerment organisation in the health care sector. Accenture is a contributor to the YHA programme that provides skills and empowerment to youth.

CE3 is a collaborative project that provides access to energy, information and communications technologies, and entrepreneurship skills.

Skills to Succeed Academy

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