Accenture Commercial Software

Our robust, scalable software products apply our deep industry knowledge and engineering expertise to today’s most challenging business needs.

Our enterprise software: Accenture Products and Platforms

Accenture has been in the software business since 1972. Today, we develop and manage more than 50 enterprise software products from end-to-end. Our growing product and platform portfolio spans many industries and functional business areas.

Consumer Goods – Accenture Cloud/CAS

Combines deep industry experience with a Salesforce platform to transform sales and marketing processes. Read more.

Consumer Goods – Accenture NewsPage

Supports the modern trade requirements for clients in developing markets with the Route to Market suite. Read more.

Security – Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Detects data center intrusion, assists threat hunters, and enables remediation and prevention.

Digital Video – Accenture Video Solution (AVS)

Manages, delivers, and monetizes digital video services on managed and unmanaged devices over any network. Read more.

Digital Video – StormTest (S3TV)

Tests functionality, performance, and quality of consumer video device software via an automated platform. Read more.

Freight & Logistics – (AFLS)

Transforms the air and ocean cargo industries with software that powers enterprises and partner ecosystems. Read more.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Helps HR business processes work more effectively and efficiently through SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors. Read more.

Health & Human Services

Provides flexible, adaptable, standards-based solutions for citizen services through agencies and service providers. Read more.

Insurance – Life & Annuity Software

Provides data-driven, ecosystem-ready, and future-flexible solutions for carriers and providers. Read more.

Product & Platform Engineering Services (P&PES)

Helps clients develop new products and platforms to power their businesses into the future. Read more.

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How we help our clients

Accenture Commercial Software is powering digital transformation, developing the products and platforms on which client and industry innovation is built again and again. Software done right is configurable, reusable, upgradable, scalable, extensible, and secure. With products and platforms Accenture accelerates time-to-value for both individual clients and industry advances. With products and platforms, Accenture is powering the wise pivot – the future on your own terms. Accenture Products & Platforms is uniquely positioned to codify Accenture’s deep industry knowledge into game-changing applications, using market-leading approaches and setting a new standard for excellence in software engineering. And we do it every day.

Accenture Products and Platforms

Accenture develops and manages more than 50 software products, spanning many industries and functional business areas from end-to-end. See more.

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What we do

Why should someone buy Software from Accenture? Because we codify our industry knowledge into software.

Product management

Our Pragmatic MarketingTM certified product managers listen to the market and our clients to identify and solve compelling industry problems.

Technology and engineering

Our product engineers provide Agile coaching, technical architecture, DevOps, test automation, application monitoring, cloud services, and more.


We deliver product extension & configuration, implementation planning and estimating, client training, application maintenance services, and more.

Commercial management

We help you manage commercial frameworks and structures, legal and licensing frameworks, pricing models, lead origination, sales reporting, and more.

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