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AI solutions to change your business


From AI compliance to competitive advantage

Putting AI to work across your business

What we deliver

Speed to value

We quickly configure and deploy solutions using pre-built, pre-integrated AI and machine learning (ML) models and real-time, industry-specific data sets. We scale swiftly and confidently, knowing Responsible AI must be baked in from the start.

Rapid innovation

We create and update every solution with unique Accenture IP to supercharge co-innovation with clients. And we use AIP+ to experiment and quickly prove value before we scale.

Client-first flexibility

Our solutions are AI-powered and built to deliver client value, period. That's why they're built to work with virtually any technology partner and used through a variety of consumption models and hosting environments, based on the specific client need.


The art of AI maturity

Discover how organizations master AI to achieve high performance for customers, shareholders and employees.


A Comprehensive Guide to Intelligent Automation

By the numbers


Speed to value versus the typical product lifecycle


Scaled AI deployments


Industry-specific, scalable solutions…and counting

Case studies

Data-driven pricing for excellent customer service

Banca Sella is meeting customer needs with an AI-powered pricing tool that optimizes credit product prices based on customer and market changes.

Optimal planning with AI

How a leading US retailer used AI to improve marketing spend.


Using AI to anticipate customer needs and deliver better service


Activating a human + machine workforce to help citizens with their COVID-19 related queries


Reinforcing brand leadership with the help of data and artificial intelligence

Our AI solutions

Customer Engagement

Grow revenue, reduce opex and increase customer lifetime value through exceptional, personalized customer service experiences.


Facilitate incredible customer experiences that boost customer lifetime value and improve marketing efficiencies.


Unlock margin by optimizing price, pack, and promotion with precision.

B2B Growth

Improve sales performance by targeting, converting, and growing the highest-quality leads.


Provide corporate leaders with rich workforce insights to help inform talent decisions and fuel productivity and efficiency.


Complement the workforce to transform critical business processes for 3x to 10x productivity gains.

Spotlight on: AIP+

What we think

Our leaders

Ajay Vasal

Managing Director — Applied Intelligence, Centre for Data & Insights Global Lead

Lisa Wilson

Managing Director — Applied Intelligence, AIP+ Global Lead

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