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Payments gets personal—strategies to stay relevant

December 12, 2022 5-minút čítania

In brief

The future is digital, even for face-to-face payments


Currently use next-gen payments as the primary in-person method


Will use next-gen payments as the primary in-person method by 2025

Rising competition and shifting consumer behaviors place revenue at risk

Four strategies to take the pain out of payments

Partner to scale

Collaborate to defend core payment revenues and lock out new entrants.

Simplicity and speed

Increase customer intimacy through deep insight into their behaviors and needs. Focus on high-usage applications and new technology like AI.

Niche focus

Differentiate the brand through a deep understanding of particular consumer pain points and needs.

Beyond payments

Use dynamic data to play a prominent role in online marketplaces or super-apps and sit at the center of customers’ digital lives.

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About the Authors

Managing Director – Global Payments Lead

Margaret Weichert

Managing Director – Payments Lead, North America

Edlayne Burr

Managing Director – Payments Lead, Growth Markets