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Unlock sustainable business growth


Human by design

The impact of change

Drive sustainable growth

Increase operational efficiencies, deliver real-time business insights and optimize cost of goods sold (COGS) and selling general and administrative (SG&A) expenses.

  • 40-50% operating cost reduction
  • Minimize revenue leakage by 70-90%
  • 85-95% accuracy in capital availability forecasts

Scale benefits 60% faster than traditional models

Accelerate the integration of emerging digital technologies and human talent.

  • 50% increase in hire retention
  • 40% increase in time to competency


Ensure operational excellence

Introduce best-of-breed practices, industry benchmarks, and access to industry and process experts.

  • 30-40% productivity improvement
  • Global mobilization delivered at scale
  • 20-25% faster lead time to operations maturity


Improve risk management

Gain more robust control and compliance capabilities.

  • 30% reduction in timelines for statutory filing
  • Reduce audit costs by 25%
  • Zero compliance failures


Create a future-ready culture

Create a workforce culture that continually learns, optimizes and innovates.

  • Free up 30-50% in trapped value
  • Realize benefits in 2-5 years
  • 20-30% lower attrition


The engine that fuels change

Services that power change

Transition optimization services

  • Mobilization as a Service
  • Assessments: Retained vs Share Process; GBS Location
  • Process Improvement & Benchmarking
  • Intelligent Command Center

Process optimization & automation services


  • Human + Machine Productivity Monitoring
  • Process Improvement and Benchmarking Services
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Process Excellence/Automation


Intelligent enterprise services

  • Analytics Apps. And AI Advisors
  • Intelligent Center of Excellence
  • Intelligent Command Center Services
  • Intelligent Operations Services

What we think

Reinventing enterprise operations

Learn how optimizing operations can help organizations to generate value and access a new performance frontier in our latest report.

The value multiplier

Discover how organizations can double their chances of future-ready operations in the next 3 years.

Fast-track to future-ready

Applying tech-driven operational intelligence across an organization leads to greater profitability and efficiency.

Case studies

Global IT company drives operational excellence

The optimal synergy of data, new technologies and talent helps a company deliver growth.

Our leaders

Manoj Shroff

Managing Director – Intelligent Finance Operations Innovation Lead

Paul Jeruchimowitz

Senior Managing Director Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design, Global Lead